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Love in Between 一寸相思 Episode 8 Recap

Zuo Qingci and Fei Kouer returned to the inn, and Wen Siyuan was already waiting here. Wen Siyuan wanted to know what is the relationship between Zuo Qingci and Jing Anhou, but Zuo Qingci did not answer. Zuo Qing Ci took out Yan Qing’s kit and wrote about his brother’s thoughts. He also mentioned that his father also missed him very much. A dart was thrown in, and there was a note on it. It was Jingan Hou who asked Zuo Qing to meet at the Junting Pavilion when he said tonight.

Yang Huan saw Jing’an Hou going out and followed her all the way. Wen Siyuan arranged to take everyone out of the city, Zuo Qing did not leave the appointment, and went out to Tuozhou to bow down in the direction of Chengchi. Fei Kouer asked Wen Siyuan the whereabouts of He Weibai, and Wen Siyuan told her to be in Zhengyang Palace in Tiandu Mountain. Zuo Qing resigned to return to Fang Waigu, let Fei Kouer go with him, Fei Kouer refused. Shen Manqing and others set off for Zhongdu, and everyone set off separately.

After some rush, everyone rested in the pavilion. Wen Siyuan also brought the spirit rhythm. Shen Manqing felt that he was a prodigal prodigal son, and he did not like him very much. Shen Manqing was very angry when he learned that Wen Siyuan did not know Shang Wan’s whereabouts, and felt that he was deliberately deceived. Wen Siyuan quickly explained that the news was lost several times, and he sent someone to investigate. Changge also came to help, and Wen Siyuan invited them to drink. Changge agreed, but Shen Manqing said that Master was about to leave the border, and they were leaving to rush back.

Zhu Yan was sullen on the side. Yin Changge asked in the past to find out that Fei Kou’er never stopped being angry. Yin Changge invited him to go to Zhengyang Palace together. The sword test meeting was about to begin. Many schools would attend, like Mu Ying, Mu Ying, Has already signed a marriage contract with Shen Manqing. Zuo Qing resigned to say goodbye to everyone, he was going back to Fang Waigu.

Wen Siyuan and Shen Manqing will go to Zhengyang Palace with them, saying that they are afraid that they will be scolded for managing the court affairs, but Shen Manqing knows that they are for justice, and the elders will not be severely punished. , Is going to indemnify the elders. Shen Manqing didn’t understand Wen Siyuan. They took Yin Changge and they left first. Wen Siyuan was very depressed and left for Zhengyang Palace.

Shen Sanzhang told Wei Ninghou about Yan Zhi’s story, and he suspected that Emperor Ai was not dead. At that time, Weining Hou finally supported the Emperor Ai, and as a result, the Emperor Ai was looted by the Guz. The Jingan Hou did not move until the Emperor Ai died. The royal court officials supported the Emperor Xiaoming to ascend the throne. It is their heart disease. Weining Hou let Shen Sanzhang stare at this matter. Jing’an Hou was again forced to increase his soldiers, and he was very helpless. He had no ability to increase his troops. Yang Huan told Shen Sanzhang that many rivers and lakes people will go to the sword-testing convention, and they can find clues.

Zuo Qing resigned to Fang Waigu so that Bai Mo could not tell Master about the latest things. Everyone in Fangwaigu was very happy to see Zuo Qing resigning. When Zuo Qing came back, he rummaged about it and wanted to give Fei Kouer a gift. Bai Mo saw that he was holding famous paintings and calligraphy and stopped quickly. Ghost Doctor was very angry when he saw the medicine he was drinking.

Zuo Qing remarked that Fei Kouer was Su Yunluo when he was a child and wanted to know what happened then. The ghost doctor told him that her master Su Xuan was the poison of suo Luomeng, which was always mad and requires eight kinds of strange medicines. He Weibai was in Zhengyang Palace, Su Xuan was the inverse of the killer in Zhengyang Palace, Su Yunluo couldn’t get the medicine.

Wen Siyuan and Ling Xi arrived at Tiandu Mountain. The elder Xiu Yugu of Zhengyang Palace scolded Shen Manqing and Yin Changge, blaming them for not obeying the rules. Wen Siyuan came to help them talk, and said that he knew the whereabouts of Shang Wan, and Xiu Yugu had no heavy penalties, so they went to the wall to think about it.

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