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Love in Between 一寸相思 Episode 7 Recap

The city was heavily guarded, and several people turned over the city wall and led a team of people into the city. A few people came to an abandoned inn, to avoid it first. Shen Manqing did not know why Zuo Qing insisted on going to the city. Fei Kouer explained that he was poisoned by the three evils in the snow and wanted to find medicine in Tuozhou. When Yin Changge heard that he was going to help find the medicine, Fei Kouer stopped him, let them rest, and stole the medicine by himself.

Bai Mo blamed Zuo Qing for not arbitrarily acting. This poison must be returned to Fang Waigu for a ghost doctor treatment. Fei Kouer soon returned, and Zuo Qing thanked her for helping to lie. Fei Kouer asked him what he was going to do. She would help him to do it without letting him worry about his life.

Fei Kouer sat on the roof alone, and Zhu Yan came over to find her and determined that she was a daughter. Zhu Yan said that she would be called A Fei in the future, and Fei Kouer didn’t care how to call it. Zhu Yan was called to practice exercises by Yin Changge. Shen Manqing came to Fei Kouer and asked Gui Hongdao about it. Fei Kouer did not deny it. Shen Manqing apologized to her and said that Kou’er will be her friend in the future. As long as she doesn’t want to say, she won’t force her. If she has something, she will certainly help. Fei Kouer gave Shen Manqing his own sugar, and the two had friendship in the midst of trouble.

Jingan Hou came back and learned that Yan Qing had been taken away. General Qin was very anxious and wanted to go to prison and was stopped by Jing An Hou. He understood the meaning of Shen Sanzhang, that is, he could not restrain himself to reveal his handle. Jing’an Hou is looking for the person who returned to the picture, but there is no clue yet.

Jinganhou sent people to surround the government, as long as Shen Sanzhang did not let people go, he would not withdraw his troops. The governor quickly came out to deal with it, but Jing Anhou ignored him. Lü Shou returned with the order of the procuratorate, and wanted to escort Yan Qing back to Zhongdu to investigate. Jing Anhou said that Yan Qing had no trouble and was unwilling to give way. Lü Shou was not angry, but Jing Anhou was not afraid of him. The soldiers and horses of Weining Hou were not here, and Lü Shou could not take him.

Lü Shou wants to enter the government to raise Yan Qing, but General Qin stops him from entering. Lü Shou was ordered to enter, and Yan Qing was beaten with flesh and tears, and screams came out, making General Qin uncomfortable. Zuo Qingci found this place and was caught by the soldiers of Jing’anhou before he could act. Jing Anhou hurried over and found that he turned out to be the son he should have died ten years ago. Zuo Qingci came to rescue Yan Qing. He had to replace Yan Qing with himself. Yan Yu refused, saying that Yan Qing would not die, and let people take Zuo Qingci away.

Yang Huan was seeing from a distance nearby and wanted to rob people after Yan Yu left. Fei Kouer also came, and the two men fought with the escorted soldiers. Finally, Fei Kouer took Zuo Qing away. Yang Huan reported back to Shen Sanzhang. Shen Sanzhang ordered the release of Yan Qing and wanted to use her to lead the people behind. Jing Anhou took away Yan Qing and ordered the withdrawal of troops.

Fei Kouer saw that both people wanted Zuo Qing to resign, and he understood that he had deceived everyone to go to Chi Yan Sha Natu, what he cared about was Yan Qing. Jing’an Hou returned to his son’s room and thought of his wife crying and begging him to bring his son back. It was very sad. The subordinate reported that suspicious figures appeared in the abandoned inn, and Jing Anhou said not to alarm them. Zuo Qingci took Fei Kouer to the tomb of Jingan Hou’s eldest son Yan Zhi. This is his tomb. He died ten years ago. Today Zuo Qingci is a Langzhong walking around.

Wen Siyuan was indeed hired by Zuo Qing to resign. He heard that the stolen mountains and rivers had something to do with Yan Qing, and this brought these people to Chiyansha to take pictures. The martial arts before Yan Zhi were very good. He once hit the bullseye 12 times in a row, and became a young hero by Tuozhou. In order to save him, his mother died on the way to Fangwaigu. He did not hate his father, but there was no way to forgive him. Zuo Qingci saw the sachet made by Yan Qing in front of the tomb and took it away.

Yang Huan went back to inform, Shen Sanzhang guessed that this person was Jing’an Hou’s son. The Emperor Ai disappeared ten years ago, and Jing’an Hou’s son did not die, but was hidden by him. Shen Sanzhang felt that there was still a big fish, so Yang Huan stared at Jinganhou.

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