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Love in Between 一寸相思 Episode 6 Recap

General Qin came to tell Jing’an Hou that the Guz people had arrived in Chiyansha, and it is very likely that the mountains and rivers could not return on time. Jing Anhou told General Qin that this was Weining Hou in order to deal with him. As long as he returned to Beijing, his military power could not be guaranteed. He handed over the army and his daughter Yan Qing to General Qin, hoping he could protect him. Yan Qing heard them just after passing by, and was very sad. She knew Duan Yan when she was a child, and rescued Duan Yan when he was in trouble, before giving him the opportunity to steal the pictures of mountains and rivers. Yan Qing found Duan Yan, but he was tied up and set on fire. After Yan Qing was awakened, she wanted her father to hand her over, but Jing Anhou refused, saying that there would be no guilty people in their house.

Fei Kouer woke up and found that he was lying on the left leg of Zuo Qing, and the ghost boy was gone, very surprised. Zuo Qingci told her that he had deceived the ghost boy with his plan. They are now safe. Zuo Qing expressed hope that Fei Kouer could accompany him to Fang Waigu. He had not been cured of the poison and had to go back to Master. Fei Kouer wanted to go to Tuozhou, she and Shen Manqing made an appointment to meet there. But Zuo Qingci felt that they would be able to send the picture back when they went back, and it would not be a problem, and her task was to protect herself, and finally convinced Fei Kouer.

Shen Sanzhang ordered the blockade of the city gates, except for those who came to declare their purpose. Lü Shou was stopped by Yang Huan at the city gate and brought directly to the Jing’an Hou Mansion, where he immediately declared his purpose. Shen Manqing discovered the martial law in Tuozhou and asked Bai Mo to wait for her outside the city until noon tomorrow. Jing’an Hou and Shen Sanzhang confronted each other outside the government. Jing’an Hou said that the time had not yet arrived and refused to accept the order. Shen Sanzhang wanted to enter the house directly to arrest people, and stopped General Qin.

happened to be past, Shen Sanzhang wanted to declare the purpose, Yan Qing came out suddenly, willing to take the purpose. Jingan Hou received the news that the mountains and rivers suddenly appeared in the backyard. Jingan Hou quickly stopped Yan Qing and invited Shen Sanzhang to see the mountains and rivers. Shen Sanzhang made people check the pictures and found that they were indeed mountains and rivers, so he could only go back. Jing Anhou stopped him and told him to talk to his master. As long as he was in Tuozhou, he would continue to increase troops in order to resist Guz.

Shen Sanzhang knew that he could do such a thing, it must be Jianghu people, let Yang Huan strengthen the guard, not let them go out. Yin Changge and Zhu Yan also arrived in Tuozhou and wanted to go in to support Shen Manqing and were stopped by Bai Mo. Shen Manqing said that they should wait until tomorrow afternoon. Shen Sanzhang was informed that Yan Qing and Duan Yan had contacts, and decided to start with her.

Fei Kouer saw that Zuo Qing did not want to go to Tuozhou, but she and Shen Manqing made an appointment and would meet in Tuozhou. Zuo Qing said that he agreed to change his route and went to Tuozhou together. Today is the day of death for Brother Yan Qing. Yan Qing took the sacrifice to see him and was stopped by Shen Sanzhang at the door. Shen Sanzhang took out the correspondence between Yan Qing and Duan Yan. In order not to harm his father, Yan Qing agreed to leave with Shen Sanzhang. Shen Manqing was just outside the Jing’an Hou Mansion and saw Yan Qing being taken away.

Fei Kouer and Zuo Qing also arrived in Tuozhou, Shen Manqing just came out from Tuozhou. Zuo Qing replied to her about what was going on in the city. Shen Manqing mentioned that a woman in Jing’an Hou was taken away. Zuo Qing was very excited and insisted on entering Tuozhou. Fei Kouer wanted to protect Zuo Qing’s speech and went with him. Shen Manqing and others saw that they were determined to enter the city and followed them.

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