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Burning 燃烧 Episode 39 Recap

Zhou Haoyu’s death was a heavy blow to his relatives. Feng Kai is also trying his best to investigate the truth of the incident. He found that Zhou Haoyu rushed to Shanghai to find a hacker classmate, and the computer bag he carried along with him was not found at the scene of the accident. Feng Kai realized that this was probably a premeditated murder, and immediately came to the police station, met with Deputy Director Zhang, and asked for the authority to conduct a thorough investigation.

Although there is no evidence, Feng Kai believes that Zhou Haoyu cannot be killed in a car accident, which means that the project between Longxing and the United Kingdom was a premeditated transfer of funds. However, Longcheng’s economy has always been unsatisfactory. If there is no evidence, it will only rely on speculation to judge, which will lead to the abortion of the project, which will cause everyone in the police station to fall into the abyss together.

Back then, the government jointly issued an encouragement and guidance for private enterprises to vigorously develop overseas investment, but the effect was not satisfactory. As Dragon City’s corporate leader, Xu Jun has been refraining from making progress and never responded to the government’s call. Now that Longxing is finally willing to invest overseas and will cooperate in a project of 2 billion yuan, the government fully supports it, and Deputy Director Zhang’s concern is not unreasonable.

Three minutes of thinking time is also a major decision with far-reaching impact. Deputy Director Zhang hesitated in the room alone, while Feng Kai waited anxiously outside the door, and finally opened the room, and he got the answer he wanted. Deputy Director Zhang allowed Feng Kai’s investigation. This is a decision that bears a huge responsibility. If it fails, it will be forever, but even if there is only a little doubt about the crime, they are not allowed to pass it.

Gao Feng told Shen Chaoying of his suspicion, which made it difficult for her to accept it. After all, Zhou Haoyu and Xu Jiatong’s relationship was in her eyes. But not issuing a letter of guarantee is equivalent to Zhou Haoyu’s last wish. Gao Feng successfully persuaded Shen Chaoying to transfer the letter of guarantee to Feng Kai for safekeeping.

At the time of the incident, the motorcycle that caused the accident quickly disappeared from the surveillance. Feng Kai knew that such a veteran could not leave traces of the motorcycle. At that time, many people were recording videos. It happened that Cai Liang went to the back of the car and took away from the computer city. It was just that the camera was chaotic, and the other party’s front face was not recorded, and Gao Feng had not noticed this. detail.

According to Feng Kai’s guess, Gao Jianshe’s death, the destruction of physical evidence, and the current death of Zhou Haoyu were all caused by a motorcycle that suddenly rushed out. This was probably caused by the same person. Assuming that the original talent was just in his twenties, he is now in his forties. Such an idea made Xu Songlin suddenly appear in Feng Kai’s mind.

However, Xu Songlin had colluded with the nanny for a long time, and even if Feng Kai and others could catch the clues, there was no evidence to overturn their confession. Gao Feng kept checking the videos of passersby, and suddenly found that one of them had left the scene holding Zhou Haoyu’s computer city. Gao Feng remembered clearly that this computer bag was given to him by Zhou Haoyu on his birthday.

Unable to find the person Magan, Feng Kai could only transfer the investigation to other breakthrough points, and Gao Feng’s discovery made him focus on investigating the trajectory of the vehicle driven by Cai Liang on that day. At the same time, Xu Jiatong has checked Gao Feng and Liu Qingye’s dinner that night, and said everything, including the picture with love and their names written on them. The family affairs turned Xu Jiatong into a demon, and also caused her to lose her love and those who loved her.

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