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Burning 燃烧 Episode 38 Recap

For a long time, Liu Qingye was like an inconspicuous little girl, hiding in the corner looking at Gao Feng, hoping to get the favor of the person she liked, but she was afraid that her own thoughts would not hide from the other’s eyes. The past of Gao Feng and Xu Jiatong is like a hole that cannot be filled in Liu Qingye’s heart, not knowing how to fill it.

The closer to Gao Feng, there is nowhere to hide Liu Qingye’s likes, but the more likes, the more he suffers from gains and losses, like countless ants gnawing at his own heart. If you can’t have it, Liu Qingye would rather stay away from Gao Feng, however, a napkin painted with love has completely fallen to her.

A phone call interrupted the sweet high wind in his heart. At this moment, Zhou Haoyu had been put into a black body bag. After Feng Kai understood that it was another car accident caused by a motorcycle, and the driving Pinewood had already thrown everything into the sea, and Zhao Yuee had arranged an alibi for him, everything went perfectly.

The high wind sitting in the room couldn’t calm down. Zhou Haoyu returned from the UK and rushed to Shanghai on purpose. He must have discovered something about the British project. Gao Feng believed that Xu Jiatong had ordered his subordinates to kill Zhou Haoyu. Perhaps Gao Feng once blamed himself for a moment. If he didn’t want Zhou Haoyu to help pay attention, he would not have been killed by the Xu family.

When Zhou Wei and his wife rushed to receive the news, Gao Feng’s move to prevent them from visiting was enough to let the old couple know what the result was. As a result, Zhou Wei completely fell to the ground and fell into a coma, and Shen Chaoying was desperate to see her son’s body covered in white cloth. She didn’t even have the courage to open it, and she was already crying like a tearful man.

After waiting all night, Zhao Yuee finally waited until Songlin brought the notebook back. There was Zhou Haoyu’s blood on the computer jacket, and she eagerly gave it to Xu Jiatong. The blood stains on the computer let Xu Jiatong know about Zhou Haoyu’s situation. Until the computer turned on with her birthday password, she didn’t know how to face it.

After the computer was turned on, Xu Jiatong knew that Zhou Haoyu had discovered the capital exchange records between Nanguo Tianxing Industrial Company and Larry Company. Xu Jiatong notified Robert as soon as possible to delete all transactions between Larry Company and Tianxing Company. In this way, even if Feng Kai really noticed something, he would not find out any problems.

Gao Feng in the hospital, seeing Xu Jiatong’s arrival, can’t wait to swallow him up on the spot, and his former lover has become an endless enemy. When Xu Jiatong saw Zhou Haoyu’s corpse, she was vividly experienced with the other party, which made her suffer.

Feng Kai and Liu Qingye inquired about Xu Jiatong, and Xu Jiatong answered all the details seamlessly. There was no suspicion or loophole at all, and she saw Zhou Haoyu’s body and behaved perfectly. The only thing that is unacceptable is that Xu Jiatong still thinks about getting the letter of guarantee immediately, but this cannot explain any problems. Only in this situation, Feng Kai simply cannot allow Xu Jiatong to contact Shen Chaoying.

Back home, they had a violent argument with Zhao Yuee. At this moment, in Xu Jiatong’s eyes, Zhao Yue’e is a total murderer, but this murderer is her family, and she seems to have no other choice but to go to hell with her family.

Feng Kai investigated Zhou Haoyu’s mobile phone for the first time, and asked him to find out whether there was a computer, or U disk, mobile hard disk or the like in his car. However, his actions were destined to be nothing. Many people have now died in the same way, but the police knew who the murderer was, but they had nothing to do.

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