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Burning 燃烧 Episode 37 Recap

Zhou Haoyu wanted Ma Kang to help hack into the Larry Investment Company to find out whether there would be a string of zero numbers in the capital that should not appear. It takes time to investigate. One night passed. Zhou Haoyu helped Ma Gan clean up the house and prepared breakfast. The other party has not yet invaded successfully. Such a tight protection system is an extremely unusual thing in itself.

Xu Jiatong, who couldn’t get through Zhou Haoyu’s phone overnight, was always uneasy. She called Shen Chaoying to urge Shen Chaoying and got an uncertain answer. She had to press on every step of the way. She already felt that things would change. When Shen Chaoying agreed to issue the letter of guarantee at 5 pm, Xu Jiatong still insisted on going to the bank to take out the letter of guarantee.

Before five o’clock in the afternoon, Zhou Haoyu, who woke up after a sleep, saw that the stick had successfully hacked into the Larry system. After checking the internal documents, he quickly called Shen Chaoying and insisted on her not to give Xu Jiatong the letter of guarantee. Immediately afterwards, he booked a ticket back to Longcheng. When Xu Jiatong came to pick up the letter of guarantee on time, Shen Chaoying had long been away from the office.

Shen Chaoying’s sudden change made Xu Jiatong smell the seriousness of the matter, and the person Zhao Yuee arranged to monitor Zhou Haoyu would definitely take action. Along the way, Zhou Haoyu turned off his mobile phone in order not to answer Xu Jiatong’s call, causing Shen Chaoying to be unable to get through his call, and was extremely anxious.

Zhou Hao’s classmates were basically not unknown to Xu Jiatong. She easily knew that the other party was going to Shanghai with a hacker named Ma Gang, and after leaving, she asked the other party to run away. It was so obvious that it was enough for Xu Jiatong to guess what Zhou Haoyu wanted to do, and he must have discovered something important.

After Zhou Haoyu returned to Longcheng, Xu Jiatong knew what the situation would be. After all, she couldn’t help rushing to the airport to pick him up. Only by leaving together could Zhou Haoyu temporarily escape from this predicament. However, Zhao Yuee’s constant calls made Xu Jiatong who was waiting at the airport missed Zhou Haoyu, who walked past her.

Cai Liang, who had been watching closely at the airport, saw Zhou Haoyu coming out alone at a glance. After receiving the exact order, he immediately drove and followed. He seemed to deliberately wanted Zhou Haoyu to discover that someone was following him, causing the other party to keep speeding up, and the motorcycle hiding somewhere was already in place.

On the way, Zhou Haoyu took the call from Zhou Wei and his wife. He didn’t care, he just wanted to rush to the location of Gao Feng as soon as possible to explain everything. Zhou Haoyu hung up the phone and kept speeding up, trying to get away from the car that had been following him. Suddenly a motorcycle drove out in front, causing Zhou Haoyu to dodge subconsciously. The fast turning steering wheel caused the car to lose control and tip over on the side of the road.

Soon, the pedestrians passing by used their mobile phones to take this scene, and Cai Liang, who had been tracking behind him, walked around to the side of no one, quickly removed the tracker and computer from the car, and disappeared in the crowd without knowing it. At this time, Zhou Haoyu, who was in a coma in the car, was covered in blood, not knowing his life or death.

Also not knowing that Gao Feng, who was being followed by Zhang Biao, asked Liu Qingye to come out, not only to see her, but also to interact with what he knew. The conversation between the two was recorded by Zhang Biao, who was sitting at the table next door, completely unconscious. Gao Fengshang didn’t know that Zhou Haoyu had turned over, life or death was uncertain. When he mentioned Xu Jiatong, Liu Qingye was obviously depressed. The past of Xu Jiatong and Gao Feng was a difficult hurdle for Liu Qingye.

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