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True Colours 嘉人本色 Episode 15 Recap

Jiajia and Jiang Feng were separated, and they cooked, cooked, and chored every day. Jiajia looked forward to ending the isolation soon. Yanyan laughed that she could hold the two children after the end of the quarantine. Jiang Jia and Yanyan’s chat Jiang Feng heard them outside the door. Nian Mengyu returned to Beijing. Jiajia never told him that he had bought a house, let alone that she and Jiang Feng were separated. To make matters worse, Jiajia still had a fever at this time. Fortunately, Jiang Feng had a doctor’s license, and she could be auscultated. She also called the lab mates to help deliver medical supplies.

Jiang Feng greeted Jia Jia and asked her to see her. Jia Jia was a little embarrassed. Jiang Feng always hopes that Jiajia can understand his intentions towards her, and he has shown so obvious. Jiajia confessed to Jiang Feng that it was not a relative’s house, but her own. Jiang Feng knew that Nian Mengyu did not know the house and promised to help Jiajia keep secrets afterwards.

Nian Mengyu returned home and explained the grandpa and grandma to wear masks and disinfection, and did not go to grandpa to play chess. Settling in with good grandparents, Nian Mengyu still did not forget Cha Jiajia’s post, but he found that Jiajia’s girl was strange, she was not in the audio shop or in the dormitory, I heard that the school was going to be closed, and Nian Mengyu quickly tried to find a way to rush Back to Nanjing.

As soon as she returned to the school, Nian Mengyu met the head teacher. She told Nian Mengyu that Jiajia and Jiang Feng were isolated. Nian Mengyu got the address and hurried to find Jiajia, but the school had already pulled the cordon to seal I can’t get out of school. The roommate helped him to find an exit like a dog hole to go out, and Nian Mengyu, who had always been a cleansing lover, went out of this place regardless. Nian Mengyu returned to the audio store to pack things and immediately drove the Super Jiajia to fly away.

After pressing the doorbell, Jiang Feng came to open the door. At this time, Jiajia’s bedroom was being disinfected. Jiajia had to temporarily sleep on Jiang Feng’s sofa at night. Nian Mengyu saw this scene and became very hot. Not only that, the living room The furniture that Jiajia moved from the audio store is still there.

Nian Mengyu was so angry that he didn’t like Jiang Feng originally, and he gradually realized his feelings for Jiajia, and asked Jiajia why he lived with Jiang Feng and kept using his furniture. Patching Jiang Feng is really shameless. Although these words are ugly, Nian Mengyu really cares about Jiajia. She is afraid that her stupid girl is accidentally taken advantage of by others. No matter who Jiajia is with, he is not happy. It seems that Jiajia is his private ownership. Property-like. Jia Jia explained, Nian Meng Yu was not happy. Later, when Meng Yu cleaned the house, he found out that the anti-wolf spray in the corner only deflated himself, and believed that Jiajia was the house she bought.

Jia Jia was sick, Jiang Feng was holding a stethoscope to see Jia Jia, Nian Mengyu stood next to him with a black line, Jia Jia asked him to avoid it, Nian Meng Yu refused to say that Jiang Feng could see what he did Can’t watch it anymore. He grew up wearing a pair of pants with Jiajia. He had to protect her so that no one would take advantage of it. Jia Jia laughed at his childishness. Jia Jia asked Nian Meng Yu if she had not seen a female doctor. Jiang Feng also laughed at Nian Meng Yu, who was also a student from medical school. Nian Meng Yu saw the two of them sing together and went out in a rage.

Jiajia wanted to go out to find Nian Mengyu. Jiang Feng asked her to sit and take a rest, and she went to see Nian Mengyu by throwing garbage. After Jiang Feng went out to see Nian Mengyu, he sat on a staircase, and after seeing Jiang Feng, Nian Mengyu didn’t look good either.

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