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True Colours 嘉人本色 Episode 13 Recap

Nian Mengyu backed Jiajia, who was drunk, back to the hotel, and then placed her on the bed and grabbed Nian Mengyu. Nian Mengyu leaned close to her face and almost kissed, Jiajia suddenly shot him, Talking about why it was so hot, Nian Mengyu was soberly photographed, and found a piece of rash to apply on Jiajia’s forehead, and said that she could not drink and even drank herself.

Who knows Jiajia throws away the towel, hugs Nian Mengyu and says that she is sorry for Xiaoyu, and without clarifying Sun Xiaohui’s character, encourages him to chase her. Jiajia always felt that Nian Mengyu chased her because she looked like his mother, so that he wouldn’t be sad, and said Jiajia cried on his own. Nian Mengyu held Jia Jia to comfort her that she was all right. I didn’t expect him to break up, but in the end he needed him to coax Jia Jia. Nian Mengyu remembered that when he was nine years old and he was crying because his mother left him and went to the United States, Jiajia comforted him and said he would take him to the United States to find his mother.

Jiajia slept in the hands of Nian Mengyu. Nian Mengyu had no choice but to let her take her hand, and he lay on the ground for a night. Who knows that Jiajia wakes up in the morning and doesn’t remember what happened last night, and asked Nian Mengyu why she didn’t open another room on the floor. She remembered to care about whether she won a game with Hou Lin. Nian Mengyu was angry. Not light. Jiajia told him to go to bed, anyway, the two of them are also buddies, no difference, Nian Mengyu couldn’t sleep, went back to school directly.

Dazi saw that Meng Yu and Jia Jia did not return overnight, thinking that what happened to them staying at the hotel together, the two were together, and quickly greeted Dazhi to buy a flower tube to celebrate when the two returned, who knew that Nian Mengyu himself went back to the audio alone At the shop, when they saw Dazi said this, they hurriedly stopped them, lest Jiajia get angry. Yanyan analyzed the situation to Jiajia and told Jiajia that Nian Mengyu didn’t touch Jiajia in the circumstances at that time because of her care and respect for Jiajia.

Dazi was not happy to see the year Meng Yu, the joke year Meng Yu was Lang concubine unintentional, he sighed in his heart. Hou Lin sent a text message to Dazi to meet him. The business was a preliminary agreement. Dazi teased Nian Meng Yu and said whether Hou Lin was interested in Nian Meng Yu. Nian Mengyu made a rant and said that he was looking for a female entrepreneur anyway. Jiajia took a bottle of old godmother angrily and said that she and Neng Mengyu were a good match.

On the second day of the experimental class, the teacher asked everyone to prepare their own alkaline milk body before noon. The girls talked about how to prepare. Finally, they asked boys to borrow. In Mengyu’s misfortune, he saw how Jiajia said this time that she was no different from him, expecting Jiajia to come to him to borrow. Who knows Jiajia and his roommates tweeted to find other boys. Nian Mengyu was very angry with Jiajia.

After returning to the dormitory, Jia Jia listened to everyone talking about Nian Meng today and was very lost, because no one asked him to borrow experimental samples, and other boys had them. The roommate said that it is estimated that Meng Yu thought that everyone would not treat him as a man, and the inner world collapsed. Nian Mengyu is a class grass. The girls have a love in their hearts no matter whether they play with him or not. Unlike Jiajia and Nian Mengyu are iron porcelain, it is indeed a bit unjust for Jiajia not to find Nian Mengyu, and Jiang Feng likes Jiajia. Everyone knows it well and thinks that she and Jiang Feng have a play, so she encourages her to go to Nian Mengyu to borrow alkaline milk white body, so as not to doubt him. When Meng Yu was not happy at the meeting, his roommate also comforted him that the girl didn’t ask him to borrow it because everyone regarded him as Prince Charming and was embarrassed to find him. Nian Mengyu was in a better mood.

After listening to the roommate’s analysis, Jiajia decided to come to Nian Mengyu to borrow the experimental samples. Nian Mengyu had just listened to the roommate’s comfort and was suddenly slapped by Jiajia again and angry again. Jiajia was left alone in a mess.

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