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My Girl (2020) 99分女朋友 Episode 6 Recap

Jiang Jiang went to Atao for a review, and said that he had suffered since he was a child. Because he grew up late, he lived in the ridicule of others. The boys are all princes and soldiers. He has no skin because of his fine skin and tender meat. Like the child, the teacher asked him to play the princess. Finally, he went to junior high school, and others started to grow his throat until he was in high school, but everyone already had a beard.

When he arrived at the university, he finally got a beard, and people began to show off his leg hair, but he still hasn’t grown his leg hair so far. Jiang Jiang’s classmates are going to a party again, and he is afraid that everyone will come and go again and again. A Tao suggested that Jiang Jiang borrow the boss’s luxury car to put on face, and then they won’t compare the mixed ones. Sui An gave Professor Shen an appointment card to Shen Yi, and asked Shen Yi to take Meng An to see Professor Smith.

Meng An went to the counter to see the product sales, and happened to meet the former company boss Xu, who was picky about this product. Meng An introduced the product patiently and said that he had used the sample. Mr. Xu didn’t want the counter to provide the sample, but the counter salesman said there was no sample, Mr. Xu satirized Meng An’s vanity comparison, Shen Yi just came over. The public said there was a sample, but only for one person, it was Meng An. Take Mr. Xu away.

Shen Yi took Meng An to eat western food, and the restaurant engaged in activities to launch a lottery draw. The prizes were cosmetics that were difficult for LS to buy. The final award was the appointment letter of Professor Smith. In fact, this western restaurant is also Shen Yi’s industry. The lucky draw was specially arranged by Shen Yi in order to send out the reservation card in a logical way.

Meng An is not a fool. She knows that Shen Yi did it silently in order not to hurt her self-esteem. She moved Shen Yi to be so good to herself. She also decided to make an appointment to see Professor Smith and tell Shen Yi after the operation. She also likes it. he. Meng An went to the program group to ask for leave. It was said that Wei Lei’s nose could not be cured. She knew the effect of a face on the girl and hesitated when she looked at the appointment card.

Meng An didn’t go to the surgery and gave Wei Lei the opportunity. After the operation, Sui An looked at Wei Lei, and she was anxiously destructive. She thought that it was Wei Lei who robbed Meng An’s surgery. In fact, Wei Lei did not know, and was very surprised after hearing Sui An’s words. Sui An called Shen Yi to speak about the matter. Shen Yi cancelled his plan to negotiate a contract with the UK. Despite Vice President Shen’s temper, he went to Meng An.

Shen Yi accompanied Meng An to take the bus home, because of the scars on his face, Meng An was still afraid of the strange sunlight of others. Shen Yi decided not to take the bus in the future, immediately called Jiang Jiang and drove the special bus over. When Meng An had chickenpox when she was a child, the students all laughed at her. Shen Yi gave her a scarf so that she would not see it after she wrapped it. Now Shen Yi looks at Meng An holding a scarf to cover the scar on his face, and his heart is even more distressed and guilty.

Shen Yi was touched by Meng An’s kindness and personal consideration, and no longer attached to the scar on Meng An’s face, officially proposed to be with Meng An. Jiang Jiang went to a classmate’s party in a suit and trousers, and originally drove Shen Yi’s luxury car, but he was sent to Shen Yi halfway, and he could only take a bus. Jiang Jiang at the party was laughed at by the classmates. Shen Yi gave him a casual card and paid for Jiang Jiang. The students started to joke that Jiang Jiang had no girlfriend.

In order to help Jiang Jiang, A Tao dressed up brightly and lied that he was his girlfriend. He helped Jiang Jiang and helped the students to find fault.

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