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My Girl (2020) 99分女朋友 Episode 3 Recap

Wei Lei will naturally not let this opportunity go and tell Shen Yi. Meng An was stimulated by Wei Lei’s words again, and the stress disorder attacked again, looking at the scar in the mirror and becoming domineering again. Wei Lei ran to Shen Yi, and all kinds of defaming Meng An were preparing to say that there were scars on Meng An’s face, but Shen Yi misunderstood that Wei Lei said that Meng An had a stress disorder.

Shen Yi directly interrupted Wei Lei and asked her to keep her secret, as a condition to allow the program group to run for her to enter the top five. Shen Yi has always emphasized to the company staff that he has nothing to do with Meng An, but Meng An changed again, and ran to all kinds of greasy and crooked him, frightened that Shen Yi could only follow A Tao’s suggestion and be patient with Meng An. Shen Yi accompanied Meng An to dinner, and the two people who ordered the door only ordered a set meal with a minimum consumption of one hundred yuan.

A Tao observes Shen Yi and feels that Shen Yi’s situation is a psychological problem, which may be more serious than Meng An’s situation. Meng An wants to take the ferris wheel, but Shen Yi bought half-price tickets to save money. Some facilities can’t be played at all. The bargaining with the administrator for half a day won’t work. He can only fill the ticket like a flesh and took Meng An to sit on the ferris wheel. .

Shen Yishu was terrible when playing the grabbing doll machine, but the couple next to him caught several. The angry Shen Yi wants to buy the Pikachu inside the doll machine, and people just ignore him. Shen Yi failed several times in succession, making him depressed. Instead, Meng An comforted Shen Yi.

It was too late to leave the amusement park. Shen Yi called Jiang Jiang to ask for a car. Jiang Jiang immediately got two bicycles and put them on the road that Shen Yi must pass. He was already used to doing this kind of thing. Meng An is very grateful to Shen Yi for accompanying him. When he left, he wanted to kiss him, scaring Shen Yi to excuse the company and pushing the bicycle.

Meng An wanted to see the fireworks, and A Tao told Jiang Jiang that he would tell Shen Yi. Shen Yi dismissed it as soon as he heard it. He felt that the fireworks display was a very material performance. He didn’t even prepare the super-large fireworks like the idol drama. He only bought a very ordinary fairy stick. When Meng An came to see Shen Yi, she deliberately used a hundred-dollar eyeliner to make up, and the result was that Shen Yi was a broken little fairy stick.

Meng An felt that Shen Yi didn’t care about himself. If he didn’t listen to Shen Yi’s theory of consumption concept, even if he saved, he would not donate to charity, and he went away angrily. Shen Yi dreamed of the little girl again at night. At that time, he and his mother were abandoned by their father, and their mother was sick again. The mother and child had a hard time. The little girl was his classmate, and he often took care of him and divided the meat into his bowl. . Shen Yi also developed harsh concepts and habits on money because of his childhood.

Shen Yi has lived in an old house and saw the news online. A reporter interviewed Meng An about the scandal. Meng An said that there is no such foundation in the world that completely covers the scars. She has tried so much for this and has never been successful. Shen Yi was very angry when he saw the interview. When he went to the company, he questioned Meng An and assured that he would be able to study the liquid foundation that covers the scars. He also said in front of everyone that it had nothing to do with Meng An.

Shen Yi found that the scar on Wei Lei’s arm was covered by the liquid foundation. When asked, he learned that Meng An did it. Shen Yi quickly went to Meng An to apologize, and then called Sui An to tell her that she had found the liquid foundation formula.

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