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Xia Ye Zhi Jun Nuan 夏夜知君暖 Episode 9 Recap

In order to alleviate economic pressure, Su Nuanxia helped the school canteen deliver vegetables. Jun Ye drove through here and saw that Su Nuanxia was short of money and said that she could solve it, but Su Nuanxia did not want to accept it. Jun Ye directly picked up Su Nuanxia and threw it into his car, saying that he was just sponsoring. Su Nuanxia thought for a while and thought that since it was sponsored, it was acceptable, so he printed the words “Yeshen Friendship Sponsor” on the new jersey, and generously accepted Jun Ye’s help. Jun Ye solved it easily.

Lu Ye and Anna and Jun Ye have been good friends since childhood. Anna likes Jun Ye, but what she doesn’t know is that Lu Ye has always liked herself. Jun Ye has been training since joining the team. Anna did not see him unhappy. After learning of her appearance, Lu Ye helped her to upgrade Jun Ye’s fan group to the team’s cheerleader, so that Anna could meet at any time. It was Junye, and Anna was very happy. But when the fan group came, it was twitter, and it was taking pictures and live streaming, which affected the training of the players. Su Nuanxia had no effect in communicating with Anna, and was very distressed. At this moment, Jun Ye received a call from Lu Ye, saying that he had found a good place for the training of the team members.

It turned out that Lu Ye had found a training site for the Myth team in a resort before, but he is no longer in the Myth team, so naturally he does not have to think about the Myth team. For the Dream Team, it was really a gift from the snow, so Su Nuanxia immediately took the team to the resort. In the evening, Lu Ye arranged for everyone to have a barbecue. Jun Ye cares so much about Su Nuanxia, ​​which makes Lu Ye very surprised, because according to his understanding of Jun Ye, Jun Ye has never been so interested in which girl. The others are all strange.

Anna couldn’t find Jun Ye, so she contacted Lu Ye to ask about the situation, and Lu Ye immediately sent her a position. After Anna arrived, she saw Jun Ye and Su Nuanxia interacting with each other sweetly. She vented her dissatisfaction to Jun Ye and thought that she had done more for Jun Ye. Jun Ye asks whether she did the bribery of the Myth Team for herself? Anna thought Su Wanxia must have said to Jun Ye that she hated Su Nuanxia even more. She couldn’t bear Jun Ye and Su Nuanxia to show affection in front of herself, so she turned around and left the barbecue stall, and did not return until the end. Everyone realized that she was no longer there and hurried to look around.

Jun Ye and Su Nuanxia came out to find a group, but accidentally locked the car key in the car. The two had to tremble in the cold outside the car, and Jun Ye put Su Nuanxia in his arms to warm each other. At this time, Luye and they found Anna, and brought people to come and Jun Ye round, Su Nuanxia hurriedly escaped Jun Ye’s arms, but she was still seen by Anna, and she became bored with Su Nuanxia in her heart.

The next day, Lu Ye came to train with Jun Ye and they, he gave his understanding of the Myth team to the members of the Qingmeng team, and accompanied them to start training, except Jun Ye, everyone else was defeated Lu Ye, therefore Lu Ye is not worried about whether they can defeat the Myth Team, because it is impossible to defeat Myth by a Jun Ye alone.

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