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Xia Ye Zhi Jun Nuan 夏夜知君暖 Episode 7 Recap

The ghost didn’t catch, Su Nuan Xia and Jun Ye continued to watch on duty, woke up in the middle of the night, Jun Ye found Su Nuan Xia sleeping soundly on his back, Jun Ye wanted to move his numbed body, Su Nuan Xia was confused Thought that Jun Ye was afraid, he became more tightly hugged. Ling Xuan was hospitalized. He left the rabbit soup and drove the rabbit away. Qi Feng and Zhang Xiaoqiang went to play the game again because the haunted training was put on hold. Su Nuan Xia said that if you can’t catch a ghost anymore, after all, training is important. At this time, they found that the ghost came out again and they went up and beat them together. They found that the person who played the ghost was Anna. Su Nuan Xia asked her why she bit With his teeth, Anna said that she mainly wanted to see Jun Ye, because he was always alone and afraid of ghosts. Jun Ye was very disappointed and said that to win, you have to put in efforts instead of doing this. After talking, he went straight home and returned to his home. Jun Ye remembered the bit by bit with Su Nuanxia and found that he didn’t know when to fall in love with this girl.

Ling Xuan was discharged from the hospital. These days Buntu took good care of him. Ling Xuan was very happy, but he said that Tutu’s cooking is too bad. In order to help everyone develop team spirit and love, Su Nuanxia decided to live in pairs in pairs as described in his father’s diary. Jun Ye and Ling Xuan were divided into one group, and the two were Tied together, Ling Xuan can’t go to work anymore. He has a lot of opinions on this division method, but Su Nuanxia is unimpressed, but helpless, Ling Xuan had to take Jun Ye to the cafe. Such a handsome boy brought coffee for himself and was very welcome. He picked up the camera and took pictures. Ling Xuan took the opportunity to say that the handsome guy took a picture of 20 yuan each time and used Jun Ye’s face value to make money.

Jun Ye took Ling Xuan to the star hotel to discuss business. The waiter asked whether to untie the rope when eating. Jun Ye thought about it and said no, the waiter mistakenly thought that the two were gay and wanted to give them a couple package. Jun The night hurriedly stopped. Nuan Xia wanted to see the situation of Jun Ye and Ling Xuan, but was blocked by the waiter in the hall. After the training was over, Jun Ye and Ling Xuan finally separated. He came over and saw Su Nuan Xia fell asleep on the sofa in the hall, so he came over and prepared to wake her up. Ye Ye took a bite in her leg, and Jun Ye, who was in pain, frowned. On the way back to school, Su Nuan Xia bought two roasted sweet potatoes and gave them to Jun Ye. Jun Ye didn’t know how to eat them. Su Nuan Xia gave him the teacher. Jun Ye finished it even though it was not good.

In the evening, Jun Ye started to have a stomach because of eating sweet potatoes, running to the bathroom one by one. On the second day of training, Su Nuanxia discovered that Jun Ye hadn’t come, and learned that Jun Ye had eaten something and ate her stomach. Su Nuanxia was ready to visit him. In order to escape from the aunt of the lodging, she was under the cover of Zhang Xiaoqiang , Disguised to come to Jun Ye’s dormitory. Jun Ye was still sleeping. Looking at Jun Ye, who was sleeping with a beautiful face, Su Nuanxia couldn’t help but stretch out her hand, and said to herself, how can’t you eat sweet potatoes when you look so beautiful? At this time, Jun Ye opened his eyes suddenly, Su Nuan Xia quickly withdrew his hands and told him that he had brought him antidiarrheal drugs, but Jun Ye said that these drugs were banned by the International Blueprint and could not be taken, so Su Nuan Xia started. Check the information on the Internet to help Jun Ye boil up the tonic for diarrhea. She is very focused on what Jun Ye is doing. She is wandering in happiness. Suddenly she smells a pungent odor. He hurries over to make Su Nuanxia turn off the fire And opened the window.

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