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Xia Ye Zhi Jun Nuan 夏夜知君暖 Episode 6 Recap

Su Nuanxia called Jun Ye and asked him to consider the matter of leaving the team again, and said that she wanted to ask Jun Ye a private topic. She asked Jun Ye if she liked herself, and then she was jealous. Jun did not answer her question directly. At this time, Jun Ye’s grandfather wanted to take Jun Ye out for dinner, and Jun Ye hung Su Nuanxia’s phone. Grandpa took Jun Ye to meet Mr. An. It turned out to be Anna’s father. Grandpa liked Anna and Jun Ye more easily, so he deliberately gave them two opportunities to be alone, saying that Anna’s tea is good. Su Nuanxia called Jun Ye without answering, so she went straight to him. Anna confessed to Junye that she had always liked Junye, but Junye said coldly that she had no feeling for Anna. At this time, Anna saw Su Nuanxia and said angrily that her soul was not gone.

In order to get rid of Anna, Jun Ye said that she was dealing with Su Nuan Xia, Su Nuan Xia is now his girlfriend, Anna did not believe, Jun Ye took Su Nuan Xia, show love in Anna’s face, Su Nuan Xia is very smart Cooperating with Jun Ye’s acting, the angry Anna ran away crying. Su Nuanxia explained to Jun Ye his relationship with Chu Ran. Chu Ran was a student of his father. The two knew each other from a very young age and they always treated Chu Ran as their brother. Although Jun Ye was relieved, on the surface it was still a cold look. Su Nuan Xia asked him what he wanted to retire. Can he think about not leaving the team again? Is it important for Jun Ye to ask Su Nuan Xia? But for the sake of helping her just now, she is helping her once.

Su Nuan Xia saw his father’s diary, which filled his father’s dedication and expectations for the Dream Team. She came to the stadium and found that Jun Ye was here. Jun Ye was thinking about what was wrong with her after playing. Su Nuanxia said he was nervous, but Jun Ye said it was inaccurate, and her problems were clear to her heart but unable expression. In order to relieve Jun Ye’s distress, Su Nuanxia imitated Jun Ye’s way of playing ball, and made Jun Ye amused by his strange head and brain.

Ling Xuan was hospitalized. It was said that because a spooky female ghost was encountered in the gymnasium at night, he was so scared that he ran away and crawled, accidentally slamming his foot. Su Nuanxia said that there are some female ghosts in this world, I am afraid they are dressed up. Jun Ye also said that he was a materialist and never believed in ghosts and gods. Warm summer allows everyone to take turns at night to make sure things are clear. At night, Su Nuanxia and Jun Ye were on duty. The two found a place to watch the vigil. In fact, the two were very scared. Even a piece of paper flew over to startle them, so the two hugged and fell asleep together.

Tutu went to the hospital to take care of Ling Xuan, and also intimately made soup for him. The doctors and nurses envy Ling Xuan for having such an intimate girlfriend. Ling Xuan was embarrassed and gave the bed to Tutu. The nurse came to blame Ling in the morning. Hyun, don’t forget that you are the patient even when you are distressed by your girlfriend. After staying all night, Su Nuan Xia and Jun Ye found nothing, so Su Nuan Xia explained that the sky would continue, and if he could not find out, he would never withdraw his troops.

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