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Xia Ye Zhi Jun Nuan 夏夜知君暖 Episode 2 Recap

In order not to hurt Su Nuanxia, ​​Jun Ye gave up this goal and eventually lost to Chu Ran. Su Nuanxia followed behind Jun Ye, and persuaded him to stay hard, and Chu Ran really contested, but Jun Ye was unimpressed. I heard that the school council was about to demolish the basketball hall for other purposes. Su Nuanxia rushed to the principal’s office and asked for the basketball hall. He would definitely rebuild the Qingmeng team and eventually defeat Mythical University. The principal was moved by her sincerity and promised to go to the council to fight for it.

In order to form a team in the shortest time, Su Nuanxia and Tutu are recruiting talents everywhere with a thirsty attitude. They came to the cafe where Ling Xuan worked, and did not see Ling Xuan from work to work, because Ling Xuan is working several jobs at the same time, so there is no chance to relax. In order to stay on the sidelines, Bunny took the opportunity to take out food to see Ling Xuan, and began to spoof him, and kept taking out food. Ling Xuan kept sending them for them, and finally, Ling Xuan had to issue a warning, but did not join the basketball team.

Su Nuanxia once again succeeded in sneaking into Jun Ye’s male dormitory, and the vigilant aunt stayed in time to discover it. Fortunately, classmate Zhang Xiaoqiang blocked her cleverly. Inside the house, Su Nuanxia began to persuade Jun Ye’s bitter mother-in-law, but Jun Ye didn’t hear it. Suddenly, a cockroach crawled out of the ground. Unexpectedly, the tall and powerful Jun Ye was trembling at the little bug, or Su Nuanxia stepped on the foot and killed the cockroach. In order to let Ling Xuan join the team, Su Nuanxia and Tutu went to the take-out shop where Ling Xuan worked, and ordered take-out crazy. And through the principal to put pressure on him, Ling Xuan heard that the scholarship to participate in the team can still earn credits, could not help but moved.

Jun Ye saw Su Nuan Xia in order to recruit team members, and ordered drinks and takeaways, but couldn’t help being moved by her sincerity, she took Zhang Xiaoqiang to find Su Nuan Xia. At this time, Su Nuanxia was practicing shot-taking on the playground. Anna herself advertised as Jun Ye’s girlfriend. She was very angry at the last time Su Nuanxia interacted with Jun Ye in public on the basketball court. This time, she saw Su Nuan When Xia was exercising alone, he took Jun Ye’s other “mushroom powder” to challenge him, but Su Nuxia and Tutu jointly cleaned up.

When a few girls fought together, Jun Ye arrived and he scolded Anna for stopping, and then took Su Nuanxia’s hand and walked back to the dormitory, saying that he could help her recruit the team members, but Su Nuanxia Say that as long as Jun Ye, no one else wants. Jun Ye’s popularity is so high, he took Su Nuanxia’s hand on the campus, and immediately set off an uproar. The news that Su Nuanxia and Jun Ye were in love for a time, flew like wings. campus. In order to help Su Nuanxia, ​​Jun Ye asked Zhang Xiaoqiang to send a message to anyone who participated in the basketball team, they could receive 500 yuan, and they would gather for a while, but after the assessment, Su Nuanxia sent them away, the basketball team was not Indiscriminately, she would rather be indiscriminate.

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