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The Twin Flower Legend 长相守 Episode 50 Recap

When Hua Mujin and Yuan Feibai were married for three days, Yuan Feibai had to obey his father’s order and rushed to the battlefield in Yanzhou. After seeing Yuan Feibai farewell, Hua Mujin received a letter of help from Duan Yuerong. It turned out that after Duan Yuerong received Hua Muhibi’s wedding invitation, because she missed her too much, she took Xi Yan back to Junjiazhai, recalling the two people’s past, but did not want Xi Yan to be infected here has spread the entire southern country Plague in the northern mountainous area-black acne. After the guidance of the chief of the Junjiazhai village, Duan Yuerong learned that if he wanted to save Xiyan, he had to find a strange flower that lives only in the absence of the sun-the golden cicada flower. , While writing a letter of help to Hua Hibiscus.

Recalling that after I had seen this flower in Shuanghui Donggui Building last time, Hua Mujin immediately went to get it, but did not want Hua Jinxiu to take advantage of this opportunity, and asked Hua Mujin for “Jiangyuan” and “Business” again. Training”. Although Hua Muqin does not want to go against his father’s wishes, for the people of Xiyan and Junjiazhai, Hua Muhibi can only take advantage of the two evils. After exchanging Jin Chanhua for “Business Training”, he immediately sent someone to send Duan Yuerong’s hands. After taking the food, the people in Xiyan and Junjiazhai, although they had an adverse reaction at first, gradually regained consciousness after vomiting. However, the plague was still rampant in the southern country. In order to save the people from fire and water, Duan Yuerong had to ask Hua Mu Hiran for help again.

Hua Jinxiu got “After the Commercial Training” and asked Yuan Dingding to buy shares in the largest city in Xidu City according to his own instructions. Subsequently, Hua Jinxiu brought up Song Minglei, who was closed behind the door, thinking that only Song Minglei could be implicated in order to be implicated. To Yuan Feiqing, he chose to take the initiative.

  Flower Splendid According to the tips in the “Business Training”, it spent all of its savings on a large amount of goods, because it was not suitable for the Western capital, not only a large amount of unsalable sales, but also some have been scrapped due to heavy rain. After hearing the original promise, Huajinxiu not only failed to reflect on what she did, but also spread all her grievances to the hibiscus flower, who came to ask for the golden cicada flower again, no matter how persuaded the flower hibiscus. Ken gave her even a golden cicada flower, and waited for the southern country to sink into the water.

  Although the flower hibiscus was full of guilt for the sister’s flower splendid, but the selfish self-interest of the flower splendid completely angered her, he could not help but reprimanded him, but instead was slapped by the flower splendid. After the disheartened Flower Hibiscus returned to his residence, he had no choice but to write a letter to Yuan Feibai.

Although Yuan Feibai knew that Flower Hibiscus asked for help this time because of Duan Yuerong’s help, but for the people of the southern country, he immediately rushed back to Ziyuan and came to the Dark Palace for the first time to pick golden cicada flowers for Flower Hibiscus. But the flower splendid sneaked into the dark palace to discover their secret. Hearing that Sima Yun was full of guilt in his heart, he also begged Yuan Feibai and Hua Hibiscus to tolerate himself, and he walked out of the darkness without fear, and asked Sima Yun in person.

Sima Ran sees that the secret of herself and her former non-Bai life experience has been broken by Hua Jinxiu, and she simply tells her name to her. Afterwards, Sima Yun heard that the reason why Hua Jinxiu was committed to the original Qingjiang was completely because he regarded the original Fei Bai as himself, and he couldn’t help but feel more guilty for it, but he couldn’t help avoiding the dagger he waved to himself. Seeing the splendor of the flower, it was even more sad, and wanted to break it by herself, but didn’t want the dagger to be cut off by Sima Yun’s dagger. She accidentally discovered and secretly brought out a purple mine in the dark palace.

After her beautiful sister beat her sister, she was also very uncomfortable. She could only drink alcohol to relieve her sorrow, and she came to the tree under her acquaintance with Sima Yun. Hua Jinxiu saw that Sima Yun had been showing people with a mask, so he took off his mask with the spirit of wine, but thought that he was in a drunk state before he had an illusion and misunderstood it as the original non-white, and sorrowful. Return.

The army of the original Qingjiang was in full swing. After hearing the military newspaper, Xuan Fuyu couldn’t help but accuse Dou Yinghua of his big words, but he didn’t want to anger him. He ignored the courtesan’s courtesy and drove away the emperor.

Song Minglei saw that the situation on the front line was good, but after the original Qingjiang only brought Yuan Feibai and Yu Feiyan into the army, he was worried that Yuan Feiqing had no more status in the original army, and came to lobby again, but no matter how he persuaded, the original Fei Qing just asked him to persuade him to treat Yuan Fei wholeheartedly, but he didn’t mention anything about taking the army out. Upon seeing this, Song Minglei had to continue to secretly practice the Ming Family Secret Guard in his hands, ready to go.

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