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The Twin Flower Legend 长相守 Episode 49 Recap

Hua Muhibi went to Shuanghui Donggui Building in Huaxiu to show her favors. Originally, Fei Liu saw her aunt for the first time and couldn’t help but introduce her mother’s favorite golden cicada flower to Hua Hibiscus. Looking at the interaction between her sister and her son, Hua Jinxiu couldn’t help thinking of her and her sister’s good time in Huajiawu when she was a child.

Afterwards, Hua Jinxiu saw that her sister came this time to persuade her to give up the report and recover from the non-white, still indulging in the jealousy of the two, not only ruthlessly rejected the sister’s goodwill, but also forced her to leave her beloved Originally non-white, after being rejected by Hua Hibiscus, he once again declared his enemy.

Queen followed Li Fei’s suggestion and sent someone to arrest and imprison Xuan Wang Xuan Benxu, and wanted to use his nephew queen to frame Xuan Wang’s desire to murder the prince, and he would have been in contact with Xuan Wang. Unexpectedly, the flower hibiscus had already seen through their plan, and let the original non-Bai general plan to take care of it. He personally led the soldiers and princess Xuan into the palace, and could not help saving Xuan Wang who was almost killed by the Queen Queen and Prince Xuanben. He also intercepted it one step earlier. The army of the Wang family who came to support was eliminated, so that the Queen Queen showed her true face in front of the majesty, and she and the Prince fell into a place of nowhere.

After dealing with Empress Wang and Prince Xuan Benfu, the emperor supported Xuan Benxu as a prince and rewarded Yuan Fei for his merits. Two, only the emperor can fulfill his marriage with Hua Mujin. Upon seeing this, the emperor sealed the flower hibiscus as a princess and gave the royal power to let the two get married immediately.

Hua Jinxiu saw that he had made great contributions to the destruction of the Wang family, and declined the gold and silver rewards of the original Qingjiang. However, he wanted to go to the battlefield again to establish military merit, but did not want to go through the last battle of the Landscape City and the destruction of the Wang family. After Huajinxiu brought the disaster to the head of the Yuande army again, the original Qingjiang had already been alert to him. How could he give the opportunity of meritorious service to her again, and insist on handing over to the more original ones White. Duan Yuerong received the wedding invitation from the original non-white and flower hibiscus. Although he ripped it apart in a rage, he felt regret afterwards and asked Xiaoyu and Chunlai to give half of Junji’s property to flower hibiscus.

Before the wedding, Yuan Fei went to the original Qingjiang to ask for the inseparable antidote for the flower hibiscus. The two finally married as they wished. Yuan Feibai gave the inseparable antidote to the flower hibiscus, but the flower hibiscus tried to prove his own Chastity, unwilling to take it, did not expect Duan Yuerong to be reluctant, but before the two got married, he personally wrote to Yuan Feibai to clarify the innocence between him and Hua Muhibin, and the origin of Xi Yan. The flower hibiscus no longer insisted upon seeing it. Under the original non-white insistence, he took the inseparable antidote.

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