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The Twin Flower Legend 长相守 Episode 48 Recap

Hua Jinxiu saw that after the World War I, the original Qingjiang was very indifferent to himself, and he was even more determined that the original Qingjiang decided to choose a person from Yuanfeibai and Yuanfeiqing to become a son of the world, and decided to change the tactics and go out for his son. Obstacles, and let the original Fengding let out the wind, spread the original non-Bai private escape military camp to the people in Ziyuan is Song Minglei, and took the opportunity to remove the original non-Qing. In addition, Hua Jinxiu also decided to use the fact that the young filial princess died at the time, and attracted the emperor’s favorite concubine Li Fei to become a backing for her and her son, and ordered her to go to the place where the filial princess died. Look for the relics of the little prince.

The soup that Queen Emperor sent to Xuan Fucher every day was found wrong by the doctor. However, Xuan Fucher was afraid of the king’s family behind the Queen Emperor, and he didn’t want to take the initiative to move the whole body.

Yu Feiyan saw that the flower and hibiscus had been temporarily out of danger, and wanted to return to the battlefield in Yanzhou, and made an oath. Seeing Feiyan not only was he upright, but also cared for the safety of Li Min, he gave his masterpiece “Jiangyuan” to him.

Yuan Qingjiang returned to Ziyuan and heard that the flower hibiscus not only died, but Yuan Fei also accompanied her by the side, and went directly to the two people’s residence, and asked Yuan Fei Bai’s whereabouts after leaving the barracks. . After learning that everything was related to Song Minglei, the original Qingjiang didn’t want to blame the two too much, but only after inquiring about the situation of Empress Houyue and Yuan Feiyu, Hua Muqin saw it, and confessed to him that he hasn’t been there until today. Chastity, Yuan Feibai also wanted to take the opportunity to ask his father again for an inseparable antidote, but Yuan Qingjiang proposed that Hua Mujin use “Jiangyuan” and “Commercial Training” to prove his loyalty to his family and Yuan Feibai. But he didn’t want to spend the flowers, but said that he had already given the two books to his family. After listening to Hua Mujin’s explanation, the original Qingjiang did not say anything, so he left first.

After tracing all the way, Yuanfeng finally found the golden lock of the prince of filial piety and handed it to the beautiful flower. Because it was a great sin to win the harem without permission, after the Qingqing had questioned Song Minglei before the original Qingjiang, he would inform him of the conspiracy of the Li Fei, and after successfully persuading the original Qingjiang to support himself, regardless of Sima Yun’s repeated persuasion, he hurried himself. Go east, lobby Li Fei.

Li Fei heard that Xuan Benfu and Xuan Benxu even threw Xuan Benxiao, who was still in his baby, from the carriage for his own safety. Although he hated the two, they were alone. Thin, there is no backing from her family, so she has no choice but to calm down. Hua Jinxiu seized the opportunity to persuade Li Fei to agree to become the ears and eyes of the original family in the harem. The original family helped her defeat Xuan Benfu and Xuan Benxu, and supported Xuan Benqi, who lost her mother since childhood, as an emperor, and supported her Empress Dowager. Hua Hibiscus went to Dongdu alone and guessed all the plans of the original Qingjiang and Hua Jinxiu, but at this time the original non-white as long as Hua Muhibi stayed with his side, he had nothing to ask for.

Seeing that Yuan Fei was not determined to cut his military power, Song Minglei had to pre-emptively order the German army to fight against Dou Yinghua, but he did not want Yuan Qingjiang to see through his strategy at first glance, but handed Lin German army to Yu Feiyan, but gave him Stay in Ziyuan with Yuan Feiyan. Afterwards, Song Minglei took Yuan Feiyan together to persuade Yuan Feiqing to change his decision and take back Lin Dejun, but he didn’t want Yuan Feiqing to accept his fate at this time, and he didn’t want to go to strengthen with Yuan Feibai. return.

In the palace of the southern kingdom, the ministers saw that Duan Yuerong had been ascended to the throne for many days, but the harem was still vacant, and there was only one princess Xi Yan under her knees. However, due to his obsession with Hua Hibiscus, Duan Yuerong rallied in the public opinion and made Xi Yanli the first queen prince in the history of the South. Li Fei went to the Queen’s East Palace to lobby in accordance with the plan of the flower splendid, and persuaded her to work with herself to defeat Xuan Wangxuan’s original thread.

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