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Oops! The King is in Love 愿我如星君如月 Episode 2 Recap

Yan Zhixia and Yan Jin discussed and asked him to make a few words in front of the emperor, never choose her. When Yan Jin arrived at the screen, he pretended to be an emperor with a dummy and pretended to talk to the emperor. Yan Jin asked Yan Zhixia’s name. Yan Zhixia said that she was called Sanji. Yan Jin was disgusted and gave her the name Sanbao.

Yan Zhixia could not get the money, felt that Grandpa Hai must have money, hit his idea on him, and felt like stealing money. Yan Zhixia found only a little money in the room, accidentally found a secret room, saw Grandpa Hai interrogating Grandpa Wang, and killed her. Yan Zhixia deeply felt that the water depth in the palace should not be left for a long time, and wanted to find a way out of the palace.

Yan Zhixia was informed that the emperor had chosen her as her servant, and was very surprised. Grandpa Hai took her to meet the queen mother and asked her to work for the queen mother. Yan Zhi Xia Zhi Zhi Wu Wu, Grandpa Hai said that even the Emperor’s internal attendant was still under his control, and if he was not obedient, he could kill him at any time. Grandpa Hai took out the silver ticket, Yan Zhixia’s eyes lit up and immediately agreed. The queen mother made her keep an eye on the emperor and reported to her every move.

Yan Zhixia returned to her residence and found that there were iron nails in the bed. He found the person who put the iron nails and told him that his patience was limited. Next time, he patted the iron nails on his head. The general, Gong Ye, returned to the dynasty, and the emperor hosted a banquet. The prime minister suggested that the emperor should choose a concubine for pro-government, which was refuted by the queen mother, and Yan Jin could only say that he did not want to choose a concubine. Gong Ye called her daughter Gong Zhiyue to dance, just like a fairy.

Lin Yanqing is the grandson of the prime minister. He played the piano at home and remembered the last marriage agreement with Yan Zhixia. Yan Zhixia did not agree with this family matter. Gong Ye was troubled by Lin Chengxiang, saying that he was greedy and swindled, and that the Queen Mother ordered to be put in the prison and carefully interrogated. Lin Yanqing was very surprised when the next man returned home to report the incident.

The empress met with Gong Ye. Gong Ye said that the evidence had been arranged, and this time he would definitely trip the prime minister. Gong Ye is the Queen Mother’s cousin, and the Queen Mother pushed him to this position. The Queen Mother had been in control of the Korean government for many years and did not intend to return to politics.

Yan Zhixia wanted to introduce Yan Zhang and the two guards to Yan Jin, so as to find a chance to leave the palace. The two guards knelt down when they saw Yan Jin. Yan Zhixia realized that he was the emperor, and he was scared to death. Yan Zhixia served Yan Jin to dress up, and Yan Jin suddenly found suspicious when Yan Zhixia had pierced ears.

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