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Oops! The King is in Love 愿我如星君如月 Episode 1 Recap

Yan Jin was the emperor of the dynasty, and he was handsome and compelling, but he was not close to the woman, which made the palace eunuchs in the palace feel very pity. The queen mother wanted to choose an internal servant for him. He chose for half a day and had no results. He proposed to return to the prince. The queen mother made him no longer need to think about it.

Yan Zhixia grew up as a boy, mixed with men in the city, nicknamed Yu Qilin, and has a group of younger brothers. Only this time, she was chased by her younger brother. She thought that she would get rid of them when she returned to Cuichun Hospital. They didn’t expect them to wait for her here. These people came to ask her for money, and Yan Zhixia promised to go to the father-in-law and be sure to get the money back.

Zhixia’s mother, Cui Niang, came forward and offered to return the Cui Chunyuan to them without paying back. This made the younger brothers go back first. Zhixia talked about this matter. It turned out that she had heard that the Duke of Prince was calling for people from Wulin Gaoqiang, so she went to lobby and said that the righteous people are too troublesome and have many rules. It is not as good as the Westerners under her. Arrived deposit. Unexpectedly, the Prince Duke quietly heard no news, and she could not get any more money.

Yan Zhixia was reluctant to let her mother mortgage and decided to get money back into the palace. When she arrived at the clean room, she saw a man named Sanji reluctant to enter the palace and hurried up. The eunuch inside wanted to give her a clean body. She fainted them with medicine and smoothly entered the palace.

Yan Zhixia was masked at night to inquire about the whereabouts of the Grand Duke, was chased and killed as an assassin, strayed into the forbidden place and met Yan Jin who was practicing, was arrested and put in a cage. Yan Zhixia recognized that he was the person next to the prince-in-law and wanted to collect debts from him. Yan Zhixia thought he was a little official in the palace. At first glance, it was a pitiful little man who was in control above and disobedient at the bottom.

Yan Jin proposed that Yan Zhixia could win him and let him go. Yan Zhixia used a drug and put Yan Jin’s dizzy in the cage. Yan Jin felt that it was Yan Zhixia who was dying for money. The father-in-law did not come back when he gave her money out of the palace last time. The two quarreled, and some guards came in to catch the assassin. Yan Zhixia hurried away.

Yan Zhixia went to steal the next day and was caught by two bodyguards. Unexpectedly, this was her former brother. The younger brother told her that the new eunuch had lost one, and Grandpa Hai is now looking for her. Grandpa Hai wants to verify their integrity again, but Yan Zhixia dared not let them look at it and blamed everything.

Princess Anle felt that the elder brother was not close to the woman’s color because she couldn’t do it. She heard Sanji entered the palace and came very happy. Haigong just wanted people to pick up their pants, Princess Anle came over and asked who was Sanji. Yan Zhixia remembered hearing the name in the clean room and quickly said that he was. Princess Anle told them to go out. She had found someone. It was a rare Chunyang boy body. She let him go into the palace just to want his boy urine, and then send him out afterwards. Yan Zhixia casually poured some medicine wine in the room and gave it to Princess Anle.

The emperor must choose the inner servants and let them all pass. Yan Zhixia had to go in and found out that the person inside was Yan Jin, and thought he was all in control and was terrified.

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