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Mr. Fox and Miss Rose 酋长的男人 Episode 30 End Recap

Li An and Dong Yunxi took their men to search the road leading to Xinghe Township in the jungle, but they went back to the original place after several laps. At this time, the men came to tell them that they found Gao Zhenhe, Dong Yunxi decided to take someone to follow Gao Zhenhe Yun Tan finds out, and then returns to inform Li An. Gao Zhenhe dragged his injured body and finally came to Xinghe Township after all the hardships. He shouted the name of Xingyue loudly. Xingyue hurried towards him when he heard it. Gao Zhenhe was very excited when he saw Xingyue but was tired. Fall over and over.

Xingyue hugged Gao Zhenhe, Gao Zhenhe said to her sorry, Xingyue in turn comforted him, saying that he had already understood his intention, and would never be separated from now on. After observing it later, Dong Yunxi went back and informed Li An. Li An decided to take action and quickly seize the Xinghe Township to find the mineral veins. Xingyue brought Gao Zhenhe back to the town, and Uncle Wen brought out the water and handed it to Gao Zhenhe, asking for his forgiveness. Gao Zhenhe drank the water, but refused to forgive Uncle Wen. Come up, a tear is inevitable. Uncle Wen had the weakest fighting power, and the two faces were knocked down to the ground. Xingyue was unstoppable. He knocked down several people one after another. Gao Zhenhe also tried his best to fight against them. The two did not fall down in the face of several people.

Dong Yunxi didn’t want to get too entangled, he directly pulled out his gun and blasted into the sky. Gao Zhenhe feared that Xingyue would be hurt and hurriedly stopped Xingyue from continuing to fight. After hearing the gunshots, Yunhe hurried over to help Xingyue. She quietly took out a crossbow and aimed at Dong Yunxi. Unexpectedly, this arrow just hit Dong Yunxi’s shoulder. Dong Yunxi was angry and shot directly at Xingyue. Fortunately, Uncle Wen was in front of Xingyue in time, and Uncle Wen was in danger, Gao Zhenhe also forgiven him, and Yunhe was even more sad.

Dong Yunxi also wanted to shoot and was stopped by Li An. Xingyue came up with a plan, saying that he knew where the veins were, and let them follow him to find. Just as he returned to the cave, Gao Zhenhe kicked the gun in Dong Yunxi’s hands, and the two sides again Wrestling, at this time, the police helicopter landed from the sky, Xana and Yi Tian also arrived with the police, Li An and Dong Yunxi obediently obeyed the law, this dispute over treasure hunt finally came to an end.

Uncle Wen died, and everyone hanged in front of his tomb, pinning his grief, and let Uncle Wen witness their new life. Xingyue continued to be a medical volunteer and rescued an athlete with a heart attack in a marathon, which made her more confident. The feelings of Qin Shu and Shana leaped forward, and the two showed sweetness from time to time. Under the guidance of Eve, Qin Shu gradually became conscious and no longer was simply in a passive situation, but still did not fully grasp the initiative, Shana had to give in person He demonstrated that he applied his lipstick to Qin Shu’s face. When the two were intimate, Yi Tian ran out of time. He was frowning because Zuo Xiaojia no longer ignored him, and could only find Xana and Qin. Books to find countermeasures.

The next morning, Zuo Xiaojia had just left the house, and was pulled into the van by two masked people, and then took her to a square. The original masked people were Gao Zhenhe, Xingyue, Shana, and Qin Shu. They came to help Yi Tian pursue Zuo Xiaojia. Zuo Xiaojia was shocked and thought he was kidnapped. Yi Tian appeared behind her with a bunch of roses, and he used his sincerity and Jiajia cake shop to win the heart of Zuo Xiaojia. The two embraced sweetly and tasted At the same time, I feel the affectionate love of the cake.

Gao Zhenhe knelt on one knee at the beach, opened the diamond ring box, formally proposed to Xingyue, swearing the oath of love, and asked Xingyue if she would let herself be her man, Xingyue asked Gao Zhenhe if she could promise her to eat bubbles When you let yourself in the face, can you accompany yourself every month to live under the cliff, can you stop drinking with other girls in the bar, Gao Zhenhe agreed to each one, Xingyue reached out to Gao Zhenhe, The ring was put on Xingyue’s hand, and the two loving hearts were tied together.

At night, the seaside bonfire ignited. At Xingyue’s proposal, everyone danced Gao Zhenhe’s own training dance, the fireworks flickered, and the beautiful life of the three couples in love was just beginning.

The end

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