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Mr. Fox and Miss Rose 酋长的男人 Episode 29 Recap

Uncle Wen was very puzzled that he was locked in a cage by Xingyue. Xingyue came out and told him after changing his clothes. In fact, he already knew Gao Zhenhe’s true intentions. He didn’t want to stay there and was hurt, so he made those intentionally. The act forced her to leave, and the reason why she wanted to bring Uncle Wen to come here was that she didn’t want Wen Wen’s involvement in the actions of Li An and Dong Yunxi to harm Gao Zhenhe. Uncle Wen wanted to explain to Xingyue, but Xingyue had already seen through His real intentions.

Yi Tian was upset because of Zuo Xiaojia’s refusal. He brought Qin Shu, who was also entangled in emotions, to the bar. The two of the same sickness confided in each other’s inner depression, and anesthetized their emotional wounds with alcohol. Yi Tian encouraged Qin The book confessed to Shana, and Qin Shu told Yi Tian that he saw the true meaning of love from Gao Zhenhe, that is, he could give up his dignity for his loved ones, Yi Tian seemed to understand a bit, determined to use his sincerity to influence Zuo Xiaojia .

Dong Yunxi suggested to Li An that apart from Xingyue, only Gao Zhenhe knew the way to the town of Xinghe. They had to throw bait to let Gao Zhenhe hook, and the bait was Xingyue. Sure enough, Gao Zhenhe couldn’t rest assured that Xingyue, after receiving Dong Yunxi’s call, did not consider more, and went directly to an abandoned factory according to the address. The next morning, Gao Zhenhe still refused to say the route to the town of Xinghe. He judged that Xingyue was not in the other party’s hands. He was so determined that he would rather torture himself than speak.

Xana found that Gao Zhenhe had not returned overnight, and hurriedly went to Qin Shu to discuss with her, but she saw Qin Shu and Yi Tian sleeping together shirtless. She thought what happened to them and turned away. Gao Zhenhe Ning was unyielding, Xana called at this time, Li An had an idea in her heart, wanted to start from Gao Zhenhe’s people, Gao Zhenhe would naturally speak, then Li An opened a video conversation, let Xana and Qin Shu see Gao Zhenhe The appearance of being beaten led them to come to the rescue. Shana couldn’t bear the appearance of Gao Zhenhe being beaten, and immediately thought about it, Qin Shu made a stop, but was criticized by Shana. Qin Shu, who was stimulated by the words, was preparing to be a hero to change his position in Shana’s heart. He mixed with sleeping pills After entering Shana’s instant noodles, when Shana fell asleep, he set foot on his way to save Gao Zhenhe.

Qin Shu drove to the abandoned factory and slowly approached the place where Gao Zhenhe was detained. At this time, Xana called him when she was awake. Qin Shu hesitated and refused. Several people guarding Gao Zhenhe left on the grounds of looking for food. Qin Shu rushed forward to rescue Gao Zhenhe. Gao Zhenhe drew the road to the town of Xinghe. I didn’t expect that all of this was Dong Yunxi’s deliberate arrangement.

He I photographed the map clearly with my mobile phone. Gao Zhenhe knew that he was fooled, and the only way right now was to break out of the siege, and rush to the Xinghe Township before Li An, Dong Yunxi and others to report to Xingyue. Qin Shu stood up again, and he used a homemade bomb to cover Gao Zhenhe away, and finally he Was injured and fainted to the ground, fortunately Xana arrived in time to send Qin Shu to the hospital. Before entering the operating room, Qin Shusu woke up. He handed over the criminal evidence of GM Group to Shana, and asked her to give it to the police immediately. Then she took the police to the town of Xinghe to rescue Gao Zhenhe and Xingyue. Qin Shu exhausted her last effort Making a gesture of love to Xana, Eve fully understood Qin Shu’s intentions, and immediately turned into tears.

Rainbow found that after Xingyue came back, it seemed to be a different person. Xingyue told her that he really met the person he loved, and he would definitely come to find him. Yunhe went to Xingyue and didn’t find it. After seven days, he returned to the town of Xinghe and unexpectedly saw that the person in the cage turned out to be Uncle Wen. She let the uncle Wen down and pointed at him with a crossbow. Angrily accused him of not changing the greed when he was young. Although he still loves him, he is still ready to put him to death for the safety of the tribe. Uncle Wen has changed from the heart, even after seeing Yunhe. It’s too late to regret it. Simply closing your eyes and let Yunhe shoot himself, is also an atonement for committing a mistake.

Xingyue appeared in time to block Yunhe. Uncle Wen suggested that you quickly find a place to hide, because Li An and Dong Yunxi would definitely bring people to find the mineral veins, which would hurt them. Xingyue let Yunhe take people to the secret cave, and she and Uncle Wen stayed to deal with the enemy.

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