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Mr. Fox and Miss Rose 酋长的男人 Episode 27 Recap

Gao Zhenhe and others celebrated Xingyue’s birthday. Xingyue said that today was her happiest day. Gao Zhenhe said he still had surprises to give her. After the meal, Gao Zhenhe brought Xingyue to the garden, and the sky had a snowy breeze. This is the romance that Gao Zhenhe made for Xingyue. Xingyue was very moved and confessed to Gao Zhenhe actively. Gao Zhenhe was together, and asked Gao Zhenhe if he wanted to be his own man. Gao Zhenhe nodded and expressed his willingness, and the two kissed sweetly together.

Yi Tian saw Gao Zhenhe’s elaborate romance for Xingyue and admitted that she had lost. Zuo Xiaojia told him that this meant that he had put Xingyue down. She asked Yi Tian if she wanted to eat strawberries because she wiped the strawberry flavor today The meaning of the lipstick is clear, but Yi Tian didn’t even think about it in this regard, accusing Zuo Xiaojia of using it to open up. Soon after, Yi Tian found that Zuo Xiaojia was the station sister while using Zuo Xiaojia’s computer. He understood Zuo Xiaojia’s intention at once, and she tried every possible means to get close to herself, which made Yi Tian very angry. He turned and left Zuo Xiaojia couldn’t explain it, he could only stay in place and wept bitterly.

Xana walked out with a mask on her face. Qin Shu wanted to use Gao Zhenhe’s method to teach him to attract Xana’s attention. She did not expect to be self-defeating and made Xana angry. Gao Zhenhe helped Xingyue fulfill his wish, and it was time for him to implement the plan. He didn’t want to bring Xingyue into a world full of lies and dangers, but Xingyue would not leave him easily. The only way was to hurt Xingyue’s heart. Through, let her take the initiative to leave herself. So Gao Zhenhe found Yi Tian and asked him to help Xingyue leave, but he didn’t tell Yi Tian the reason. Yi Tian didn’t understand Gao Zhenhe’s behavior very much, and was angry that he was irresponsible for Xingyue and beat him hard. Gao Zhenhe punched, Gao Zhenhe did not fight back, but asked him to take care of Xingyue.

Xingyue saw Gao Zhenhe and Shana coming back. Gao Zhenhe was also injured. She wanted to step forward and was pushed away by Gao Zhenhe, saying that Shana gave him medicine. Xingyue returned to the room with a little fox doll, and thought that Gao Zhenhe must have been in a bad mood before doing so. At this time, she heard Gao Zhenhe and Shana’s dialogue, so she came to Gao Zhenhe’s room and saw the two. Doing an intimate move on the bed, Xingyue asked Gao Zhenhe to explain what happened. Gao Zhenhe said that he had decided to be with Shana, and what he said to Xingyue was a lie. Xingyue said that his man should not If the other women are together, she will bring Gao Zhenhe back into the cage, and Gao Zhenhe tells her heartlessly that everything here is hers, and she is the one who is going to be caged.

Xingyue left alone, Gao Zhenhe didn’t love herself anymore, and she didn’t need to stay anymore. In the heavy rain, she thought about the moments when she was with Gao Zhenhe and couldn’t help crying. Gao Zhenhe was worried about Xingyue and saw that Yi Tian was too slow and wanted to find Xingyue, but was stopped by Xana and Qin Shu, saying that if he went at this time, all his previous efforts would be abandoned. Uncle Wen took Xingyue by holding an umbrella. When Yi Tian arrived, he disappeared from Xingyue and only saw her mobile phone.

In the hotel, Uncle Wen asked whether Xingyue had quarreled with Gao Zhenhe again. He said that Gao Zhenhe deceived himself and must have deceived her. Xingyue asked him what Gao Zhenhe wanted to deceive him. Uncle Wen called him his suitcase. Inside is all his savings, Xingyue said that Gao Zhenhe wanted his own gems. Xingyue had trouble sleeping. She thought about Gao Zhenhe’s good treatment for her. This time, he used lies to make him leave. In fact, he really loved himself.

Yi Tian did not find Xingyue, Gao Zhenhe was worried, looking around in rainy days. He knew that Uncle Wen must have taken Xingyue, because no one except him could easily take Xingyue. The next day, Gao Zhenhe came to Dong Yunxi to find Xingyue. Not only did he not find it, he was also beaten by Dong Yunxi and his men. Fortunately, Xana arrived in time to save him. Yi Tian didn’t find Zuo Xiaojia. This time she was really sad. She asked Yi Tian’s mother to send Yi Tian a letter with a child’s painting in it. This painting would make Yi Tian understand that she was the best of those days.

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