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Mr. Fox and Miss Rose 酋长的男人 Episode 24 Recap

Gao Zhenhe thought of what happened before, and guessed that the person behind the scene might be Li An, so he found Li An and asked him if he was going to approach Uncle Wen because he was Gao Heshan’s son. Li An had to admit that Gao Zhenhe warned her not to take it. Be yourself a chess piece. Yi Tian heard that Li An had seen Xingyue by herself and guessed what she must have. In order to understand all of this, he decided to go to Li An and warned her not to use Xingyue to involve Gao Zhenhe, otherwise he would use the entire Heyuan Group To compete.

Gao Zhenhe awakened Xingyue, who was sleeping, and said that he found that he had been deceived by a terrible person for a long time, and he was just like her. It was pure because she lied to hurt others, so she didn’t lie. , So love is very valuable, he regrets let Xingyue learn to lie and calculate. Xingyue uses her logic to comfort Gao Zhenhe. When she hunts an aggressive beast, the bow and arrow are a tool. When she hunts a casually walking passerby, the bow and arrow become a murder weapon, so the lies are the same Not to be sad to teach her to lie. The person who made the mistake not a lie but a lie was the weapon. After hearing Xingyue’s words, Gao Zhenhe couldn’t help but look at Xingyue.

Gao Zhenhe took Xingyue to eat supper. He asked Xingyue if he knew what it meant to love. Xingyue felt that love meant watching the stars. Gao Zhenhe told her that love meant that even in the whole world, they were mocking, accusing and When he doubted her, he would stand firmly beside her, and Xingyue nodded inexplicably. Yi Tian found out that Gao Zhenhe was a jewelry hunter, Li An asked Gao Zhenhe to perform a secret mission to approach Uncle Wen. He couldn’t figure out what to do with Xingyue. Zuo Xiaojia thought he thought too much, maybe they just wanted to start from Uncle Wen What gems were there to find could not threaten Xingyue at all. Yi Tian felt that this matter was not so simple. Thinking of the Xingyue that Xingyue told himself, he suspected that Xingyue was a gem.

Uncle Wen opened the box as soon as he got home, and found that the box had been moved. He decided to take the initiative to attack, and he had to find Gao Zhenhe’s bottom as soon as possible. Gao Zhenhe took photos from Qin Shu and found it was Yunhe. Things became more and more complicated. Why did Uncle Wen have a picture with Yunhe? Qin Shu remembered that Uncle Wen once said that the most successful thing in the world was loved by the simplest woman in the world. Xana thought that Uncle Wen also suspected that there were mineral veins under the cliff. Qin Shu analyzed that Xingyue’s goal here was Gao Zhenhe, Gao Zhenhe The goal is Uncle Wen, but the final goal of Uncle Wen is Xingyue.

Gao Zhenhe hurried home and asked Xingyue to agree to himself. Do not go anywhere except with himself. He could only believe in himself and Xingyue agreed to come down. Yi Tian about Xingyue to go outing, Xingyue agreed to take Gao Zhenhe, Yi Tian took Xingyue aside, told her, Gao Zhenhe’s purpose and jewelry hunter’s identity, Xingyue believed Gao Zhenhe, I believe he must have a reason, He also promised to believe him unconditionally. Yi Tian was unwilling to believe Gao Zhenhe, but he believed Xingyue.

Uncle Wen invited everyone to go to KTV to sing to test Gao Zhenhe and Xingyue. Yi Tian told Gao Zhenhe that he had told Xingyue the secret of Gao Zhenhe’s identity. Gao Zhenhe knew that Yi Tian was a friend Xingyue believed and was willing to join Xingyue. Trusting him together, Yi Tian told Gao Zhenhe what Li An had found himself. Gao Zhenhe agreed to Yi Tian and would not let anyone hurt Xingyue.

Uncle Wen accidentally left the photo on the sofa on the ground. Gao Zhenhe secretly took it away after he found it. Qin Shu suggested that everyone play the game together. The bottle was transferred to Uncle Wen, and Gao Zhenhe took the opportunity to ask Wen Shu if he had dreamed for so many years. Because he regretted something, Uncle Wen acknowledged that, and Gao Zhenhe asked if anyone had betrayed, but was interrupted by Shana. The game continued, and the bottle turned to Gao Zhenhe. Uncle Wen asked him if the relationship between father and son was true or false. This question made it difficult for Gao Zhenhe to answer for a while.

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