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Mr. Fox and Miss Rose 酋长的男人 Episode 23 Recap

Yi Tian’s mother was very surprised when she saw Zuo Xiaojia. She found excuses to leave Yi Tian, ​​and then asked Zuo Xiaojia east and west. It turned out that Zuo Xiaojia was a friend of Yi Tian when she was a child, and she also returned to China this time. For Yi Tian, ​​he wants him to re-know himself.

Xingyue took Gao Zhenhe to the place where Yi Tian took himself at that time, and let Gao Zhenhe shout out what he had in mind, so that he would become happy. Gao Zhenhe felt too naive to call, Xingyue kissed Gao Zhenhe and asked When I went to buy a bag last time, I said I would kiss him now, Gao Zhenhe had to listen to her, Gao Zhenhe agreed, and then shouted out what he wanted to say, he finally laughed, Xingyue knew that Gao Zhenhe still had There were many words that were not shouted, but she did not know how to persuade.

Gao Zhenhe asked Xingyue, if someone hit your favorite person, would you call back, Xingyue said she would definitely call back. Gao Zhenhe asked again, if that person is someone you have feelings now, Xingyue some do not understand, Gao Zhenhe lied as a metaphor, if Uncle Wen hit her, would she think he is a good person, Xingyue nodded , Said Uncle Wen taught himself what love is.

Gao Zhenhe could not face Uncle Wen for a while, so he decided to go to Qin Shu’s house for one night. At that time, Gao Zhenhe’s mother found cancer, but had no money to cure the disease. Gao Heshan was addicted to gambling, dreaming that one day he would win a prize and he would have money to cure the disease. As a result, Gao Heshan really bet a rare piece The gem was then handed over to Uncle Wen to help him sell it. The hope of the whole family rested on Uncle Wen, but Uncle Wen took the money but never returned. Xana and Qin Shu were very surprised when they learned about it. He and Uncle Wen can even meet again in the vast crowd. Gao Zhenhe feels that someone should carefully design himself to have an opportunity to meet Uncle Wen, then they will all become opponents’ chess pieces.

Uncle Wen wanted to open the password to the basement while Gao Zhenhe was away, but Xingyue didn’t know it since Gao Zhenhe changed the password. Then the doorbell rang suddenly, and Uncle Wen thought that Xingyue had ordered takeaway, but when he opened the door, he saw After Dong Yunxi’s men, Xingyue rushed out and rescued Uncle Wen when he heard the voice. Xingyue called Gao Zhenhe. When Gao Zhenhe didn’t answer, she called Shana, and Shana told Gao Zhenhe when she heard about it. In the hospital, Uncle Wen woke up and remembered the skill of Xingyue’s fight last night. He asked Xingyue’s hometown where Xingyue supported me for a long time. Fortunately, Yitian came in time to get rid of the topic. Xingyue didn’t have it. Exposed stuffing.

Gao Zhenhe gave the key to Uncle Wen’s room to Shana, let them open the password of the box within an hour, and then stayed to stabilize Uncle Wen. Gao Zhenhe suggested that Uncle Wen go to check up his body. Uncle Wen agreed to come down, but unexpectedly Yi Tian became a stumbling block. He pointed to Gao Zhenhe and said, don’t think I don’t know what you do in private, which is irrelevant to me, but if it hurts Not until Xingyue. Gao Zhenhe was irritated by Yi Tian’s words. He pushed Yi Tian to the wall and warned him not to do much business. After seeing it, Zuo Xiaojia hurriedly asked Xingyue to stop the two, but Xingyue felt that the two men resolved The problem should be duel.

Yi Tian pulled Xingyue aside, hoping that she could leave Gao Zhenhe, not wanting her to live in danger all the time, but Xingyue said that she must protect Gao Zhenhe. Qin Shu finally found Uncle Wen’s box under the washstand and called Gao Zhenhe for help. Gao Zhenhe guessed it would be 126, but Xana felt that it was too simple. After hearing Xingyue, she accidentally said that B126 was the planetary code where the little prince lived. This reminded Gao Zhenhe that what his mother said to him at that time, he guessed that the password should be May 21st. Sure enough, the box opened smoothly, and there was only a photo and something similar to the design.

Li An called Zuo Xiaojia and lied that he wanted Yi Tian to show himself and bring Xingyue. Zuo Xiaojia didn’t want to miss the opportunity to make money and told her that she could only see Xingyue if she became a distinguished guest three times. Ann promised to come down. In the evening, Uncle Wen wanted to test Xingyue. He wanted to determine whether Xingyue and the woman he knew came from the same place. This is why he was always curious about Xingyue.

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