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Mr. Fox and Miss Rose 酋长的男人 Episode 22 Recap

Gao Zhenhe was warned by Li An, accusing him of not wanting to take Wen Shu away, and threatening him with Xingyue. Gao Zhenhe tried to make a mistake, but he already had an idea in mind. Yi Tian did not allow Xingyue to break in directly, but used live broadcast to let fans go to the cafe. A lot of people quickly gathered at the door of the cafe, Li An had to let Gao Zhenhe.

Xana returned home and found that Qin Shu gave her birthday gift. The bag inside was the same as Xingyue’s back. She thought Qin Shu was a fool. Who would want to carry the same bag with the woman who robbed her love, but she still Very happy. In the evening, Xingyue climbed into Gao Zhenhe’s room again from the window. He wanted to see if his injury was still painful. He wanted to leave after hearing that he was no longer hurt, but Gao Zhenhe hugged her.

The next day, Gao Zhenhe received a call from Shana. She had found out that a colleague named Zhong Si from Gaohe Mountain was still in Yunchuan and asked him if he wanted to go with him. Gao Zhenhe agreed. Xana and Qin Shu went to the tobacco and liquor store first. They took out pictures of Uncle Wen, but Zhong Si claimed that he did not know, but was seen by Qin Shu. Qin Shu said he not only knew Uncle Wen but also was familiar because he When I just looked at the photos, my eyes stayed for a second, and normal people stayed for at least three to five seconds to observe. One second is not enough to search for the person’s appearance in memory, which shows that he definitely knows. Although Zhong Si admitted, he didn’t want to tell them, he didn’t want to be involved in the past, only said that this person was called Xu Li. Zhong Si was very surprised when he heard Gao Heshan’s name. He wondered whether it would be a descendant of Gao Heshan, and told Dong Yunxi about it.

Gao Zhenhe was very surprised when he learned that Uncle Wen was Xu Li. He took out a fruit knife and wanted to assassinate Uncle Wen. Fortunately, Xingyue stopped him in time. Gao Zhenhe left in a trance. Xingyue didn’t know what happened to Gao Zhenhe, and quickly chased him up. . Without saying a word, Gao Zhenhe took Xingyue to his hometown. He remembered the scene when his mother read “Little Prince” to him and lived with his parents when he was a child. Gao Zhenhe shrank in the corner, and Xingyue hugged Gao Zhenhe to comfort him .

Xana found them based on Qin Shu’s positioning of Gao Zhenhe’s mobile phone, and she unconsciously smiled when she held them together. Xana thanked Xingyue for staying with Gao Zhenhe all the time and healing his heartache. She also wanted to understand He and Gao Zhenhe are like two injured small animals. Although they can warm each other and deliver life to each other, they cannot heal each other, because they and Gao Zhenhe have always lived in calculations and fears. Become what he was, and Xingyue was what he longed to be but failed to be. Xingyue knew that Gao Zhenhe always wanted to be like a little prince, always full of love and courage. Xana felt that Xingyue was a little prince. She accidentally landed on the earth. Although there was some ignorance, her innocence, bravery and straightforwardness were all lost. thing.

Dong Yunxi had installed monitoring in Gao Zhenhe’s hometown. He found that Gao Zhenhe was Gao Heshan’s son. He couldn’t help lamenting that Li An was really a powerful woman. He let Gao Heshan’s son take the initiative to approach Uncle Wen, and they didn’t know each other’s identity yet, but Uncle Wen will definitely have a greater sense of trust in his old son.

Yi Tian found that his personal station was updated, all of which were his latest photos. He was very happy. Zuo Xiaojia took the opportunity to remind him to get out of the shadow of feelings early and devote himself to work, and Yi Tian’s mother listened in the live broadcast. When Yi Tian said that he was falling out of love, he went to see him at home. After seeing Zuo Xiaojia, he thought he had found another girlfriend to fill the gap. Yi Tian had to explain that Zuo Xiaojia was his new recruiting live assistant.

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