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Mr. Fox and Miss Rose 酋长的男人 Episode 20 Recap

Qin Shu saw Shana’s confession to Gao Zhenhe. Over the years, he has quietly loved Shana and was the one who supported her behind her. Now, seeing her confess to others, Qin Shu’s bitterness is self-evident. Qin Shu took the initiative to meet Yi Tian and asked him what to do if Gao Zhenhe rejected Shana, Yi Tian suggested that he take advantage of it to make Shana happy, but then thought about it, if he did so, Gao Zhenhe and Xingyue were together The odds are greater, and the last two use a coin toss to decide how to do it. Later, Yi Tian asked Qin Shu to calculate for himself. What is the probability of two people in a vast sea of ​​people falling in love? He found that the probability of falling in love was much lower than that of meeting.

At the same time, Xingyue was also caught in a tangle, she loved Gao Zhenhe but Shana also loved Gao Zhenhe, and Shana saved her own life. She once promised Shana that she would give Gao Zhenhe to her, and Xingyue thought for a long time. Without a good solution, he and Yi Tian went out to relax. Qin Shu courageously bought Shana a birthday gift, but Gao Zhenhe asked Shana to have dinner together, which made Qin Shu very frustrated. Gao Zhenhe wanted to decline Shana, and Shana also understood that she just blamed herself for not being reconciled and had a humble illusion. Shana was not just a comrade-in-law or a relative for Gao Zhenhe.

Yi Tian took Xingyue to his secret base and confessed to her that he wanted to kiss Xingyue and was evaded by Xingyue. Xingyue finally understood that he owed Shana’s affection, but let himself give Gao Zhenhe to her impossible. Yi Tian didn’t understand why Xingyue’s eyes were all Gao Zhenhe. Xingyue didn’t answer, but returned the ring to Yi Tian, ​​which was equivalent to giving the answer.

Qin Shu found a few incomplete numbers on the box and called Shana but no one answered. Qin Shu was anxious to blame Gao Zhenhe and finally found Shanna in the orphanage. Shanna lamented her ten years of youth as if she ran alone At the marathon, I thought it was almost the end, but was disqualified by the referee. Shana wanted to go over the wall like she was when she was a child, but found that Gao Zhenhe couldn’t do it, Gao Zhenhe appeared suddenly, and the three went over the wall. Gao Zhenhe reminded Qin Shu that it is suitable for confession today. Qin Shu never criticized Xana, always saying that he spent two decades of youth for Gao Zhenhe. Gao Zhenhe thought for a long time, determined to tell Qin Shu and Xana that each future road will go its own way, so that they have been working and living centered on themselves for so long, and slowly they also forget their own road. Where is it, only after leaving him can the two have a fresh start, so they can’t be so selfish anymore.

The next day, Xingyue went to Gao Zhenhe, but Gao Zhenhe was in a bad mood to read “The Little Prince” in the room. Xingyue carried the fox doll won by playing balloons and climbed the window into Gao Zhenhe’s room. She wanted to give the doll to Gao Zhenhe. He said that he thought of Gao Zhenhe as soon as he saw the fox, and then confessed to Gao Zhenhe through the elimination of happiness, saying that although she was happy to play with Yi Tian, ​​she had to be with Gao Zhen. Xingyue continued to talk about her logic. Although Shana was her friend and saw that Shana wanted to be with Gao Zhenhe, she planned to give him to Shana, but when Tian suddenly kissed herself, she suddenly understood, Even though Yi Tian was very happy with it, he couldn’t be together, and he finally decided not to give Gao Zhenhe to Shana.

After listening to Xingyue, Gao Zhenhe was instantly happy. In fact, Xingyue had fallen in love with him long ago. Gao Zhenhe reminded Xingyue that Xana and Yitian are now very unhappy. Their happiness together is one for Xana and Yitian. It’s a sad thing, so no matter how much you want to kiss and hug each other when you see each other, you have to bear with them in front of you. If you want to kiss, you will bounce your forehead and when you want to hug, rub your waist.

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