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Mr. Fox and Miss Rose 酋长的男人 Episode 19 Recap

Li An told Shana that she had confessed to Gao Zhenhe but was rejected. She suggested that Shana and Gao Zhenhe cooked rice with rice, and then the rest of the matter came to fruition. Shana believed that Li An had completely wiped out her feelings for Gao Zhenhe through the tentative test of Li An. If Uncle Wen was released at this time, Li An would never be merciless, and she would definitely stop Gao Zhenhe, and then thought Way to open Uncle Wen’s box and find the secret inside.

Gao Zhenhe did not want Xingyue to work in the hospital. He went to the hospital to complain that Xingyue did not understand medical knowledge and asked the hospital to expel Xingyue. In desperation, the doctor had to dismiss Xingyue. Xingyue left very disappointingly. Gao Zhenhe pretended to take Uncle Wen’s medicine and met Xingyue in the hospital. He stepped forward to comfort Xingyue and secretly stuffed his money into Xingyue’s salary bag and offered to take her to dinner. Xingyue had already made an appointment with Yi Tian, ​​so he rejected Gao Zhenhe. Xingyue is very happy because Yitian is very supportive of Xingyue and wants to report her medical class. This is the friend she wants.

Gao Zhenhe saw Xingyue’s circle of friends with a ring. It happened that Xingyue and Yitian went to see Uncle Wen and brought a gift. Gao Zhenhe heard the voice and hurried down the stairs. Seeing that the three were about to take a picture, they got together. I thought it was pushed away by Xingyue. Gao Zhenhe asked Xingyue for a gift. Xingyue gave him the gift but was pulled into the room by Gao Zhenhe. Gao Zhenhe asked whether Xingyue knew what the ring represented. Xingyue said that he knew that Gao Zhenhe was very angry and said with full of vinegar, you and Yi Tian My mother eats together and cooks breakfast for Yi Tian. He also gives you a massage. Now the diamond rings are brought together. The two of them had a very happy life.

Xingyue did not understand what Gao Zhenhe meant, but she said that she was very happy. Gao Zhenhe said helplessly that she was too scum. Xingyue did not understand the meaning of scum. The more she wanted, the more angry she bluntly said that she and herself were electrocuted. Why do you cook for other men? Breakfast is for her loved ones. When she heard that Xingyue said that she had no time to think about herself, the reason she worked so hard was to find out whether it was a hormone or static electricity between Gao Zhenhe and herself. Gao Zhenhe suddenly approached Xingyue, expressing that she wanted to try the feeling of electric shock. At this time, Shana suddenly broke in and the two quickly separated.

Gao Zhenhe suddenly thought, deliberately proposed to go to the bar to see the beauty, everyone agreed, Yi Tian and Gao Zhenhe bet, to see who can go to the girl’s WeChat, Gao Zhenhe did not succeed first, but Yi Tian only needed a sentence to get there The girl’s WeChat, Gao Zhenhe lost. Qin Shu lamented that he was indeed a RMB player. Lisa greeted Gao Zhenhe after seeing it, and Gao Zhenhe took it naturally to make Xingyue jealous. Shana had already seen that Gao Zhenhe’s so hard performance tonight was for Xingyue, listening to Gao Zhenhe’s Singing, Shana couldn’t restrain her grief anymore. She ran out crying, and Qin Shu went out to encourage Shana to confess to Gao Zhenhe.

Xingyue looked at Gao Zhenhe and Lisa very close, deliberately began to be close to Yi Tian, ​​Gao Zhenhe wanted to take Lisa away, Xingyue was very angry, she was not allowed to spend money, but Gao Zhenhe ignored it, Li Sha claimed that Gao Zhenhe was his boyfriend. Xingyue smashed the glass angrily and hugged Gao Zhenhe to declare his sovereignty. Gao Zhenhe quickly admitted that Xingyue was his girlfriend. Xingyue complained that he had just embraced Lisa. At that time, the little devil in her heart was about to come out again. Unexpectedly, the little devil in Gao Zhenhe’s heart was coming out. Xingyue approached Gao Zhenhe to listen to his heartbeat. Gao Zhenhe was about to show his heart to Xingyue and was suddenly rushed. Entering the bar to interrupt Shana who confessed to Gao Zhenhe.

Twenty years ago, Gao Zhenhe suddenly appeared in Shana’s life. Before that, Shana always felt that her life was a mess. Until Gao Zhenhe appeared, she knew what was a gift, absolute trust and dependence, not a simple friend and partner, but For unreserved love, Shana was waiting for Gao Zhenhe to answer. Gao Zhenhe faced Xingyue’s love and Shana’s affection, and she didn’t know how to choose. Early the next morning, after Xana woke up, she regretted last night’s confession, because Gao Zhenhe really rejected herself, and she didn’t know how to face it.

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