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Love Designer 幸福触手可及 Episode 45 Recap

Tian Lijuan was originally dissatisfied with this arrangement. From the bottom of her heart, she was unwilling to contact Qin Qing more, and she did not like to be in the same room with Qin Qing. She had fallen asleep early and said that she could not sleep with light, Qin Qing was helpless Next, she had to turn off her mobile phone to sleep and exercise her own endurance. The next day, Qin Qing continued to take everyone as a tour guide. Li Ruhui walked in front of Tian Lijuan and praised Qin Qing’s goodness. Tian Lijuan listened to the right ear, and nothing changed. After arriving at the destination, Tian Lijuan said that he did not like the scenery there in order to avoid Qin Qing. Then he hid in the car and did not go out. Qin Qing planned to stay with her when he knew that, and Tian Lijuan changed it immediately after hearing it. The idea, following Li Ruhui off to play, made Qin Qing a little embarrassed, she also realized that Tian Lijuan deliberately wanted to avoid herself.

Although Qin Qing is very concerned about Tian Lijuan and has repeatedly tolerated her temper and practices, Tian Lijuan is still not used to getting along with Qin Qing. She quietly utters a voice to Li Ruhui while Qin Qing is away, hoping that Li Ruhui can come back to herself live together. After sending the message, Tian Lijuan saw that Qin Qing’s stomach came out of the toilet uncomfortably. She got up and poured Qin Qing a glass of water, persuading her not to work hard on herself, she would not change her view and It was decided, but Qin Qing also insisted on her own views and wanted to change her with a sincere attitude.

Zuo Yulin and Xiaofei changed some of the experience details on the software according to Song Rin. Song Rin decided to go online for a public beta as soon as possible. Zhou put Song Rong’s software on the line and gave him a suit, expressing his right to Song Rin congratulations. After Qin Qing slept in Tian Lijuan, she quietly left the room to call Zuo Yulin and reported on her current situation. She specifically asked Zuo Yulin about the situation at home. Zuo Yulin was afraid that Qin Qing would be wronged and persuaded her. Come back early, but Qin Qing insisted that he was not wronged and must stay to finish the event.

After the tour, Qin Qing took the initiative to help Tian Lijuan take the box. Tian Lijuan said that she was very grateful to Qin Qing for taking care of her these days, but she would not change her decision and disagreed with Qin Qing and Zuo Yulin. Let Qin give up this idea early in the morning. Zuo Yulin came to pick Tian Lijuan. Tian Lijuan smiled and wanted to bring Li Ruhui together. After Li Ruhui refused with a smile, he went home with unhappy Qin Qing. Li Ruhui knew that Qin Qing was wronged, and she persuaded Qin Qing not to worry, they must have the opportunity to change Tian Lijuan’s thoughts. Li Ruhui just persuaded Qin Qing, Tian Lijuan called to invite Li Ruhui to dinner, Li Ruhui immediately responded, looking for opportunities to change Tian Lijuan’s attitude.

Zuo Yulin was afraid that Qin Qing would be angry with him, so he quietly called Qin Qing to comfort her. Qin Qing told Zuo Yulin that Qin’s mother had urged them to go home for dinner, and asked Tian Lijuan’s weaknesses. Solve their problems, and then be able to go home for dinner together, so that Qin mother will not doubt. Song Rin launched the software with his advantages. Su Yushan felt uneasy when he saw it. He asked his assistant to understand Song Rong’s software. He wanted to increase the promotion and suppress Song Rong. Song Rin is not afraid of the opponent’s attack. He just wants to make his own software well. Just when Wang He came to him to ride a bike, he asked Wang He to let some of his newly signed niche brands have the opportunity to show their faces and increase their popularity.

Song Rin and Ling Xi started the second round of financing after the software went live, but because their online data is not ideal, investors are hesitant and do not plan to invest in them. Mr. Mo told Su Yushan that Song Lin was looking for him to raise money. He also suggested that Suyushan’s online fitting software was not ideal and wanted to improve Suyushan. Su Yushan told President Mo that he has made improvements to the software and let Zhou Fang focus on experiencing this design.

After listening to Su Yushan’s opinion, President Mo went to Zhou Fang, learned some situations and made a comparison. He seemed to be more interested in Song Rin’s software. Mo Zong asked Ling Xi to talk about the second round of financing. Only then did Xi know that Zhou Fang did their homework for them and persuaded Mr. Mo to download their software and experience it. After talking with President Mo, Ling Xi went to dinner with Zhou Fang, thank Zhou Fang for helping them to persuade President Mo, and let Zhou Fang put down the original mustard to become good friends, and help Song Rong to fight a turnaround. .

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