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Love Designer 幸福触手可及 Episode 44 Recap

Su Yushan grinds coffee at home in a leisurely manner and enjoys the rare peace with Lin Zhenzhen, and Song Rong spent several days in the office to speed up the project progress, causing Xi to worry about Song Rong’s body and took Song Rin to accompany himself Go shopping. Ling Xi, while buying clothes, reminded Song Rin to think about how to improve the experience that the software brings to the user. Song Rong thought about it and understood that only when the user’s experience and the authenticity of shopping are done well can they have a chance to turn over. . In order to thank Zhou Fang for accompanying her to see Tian Lijuan at school, she deliberately took Zhou to the shopping mall and went shopping spontaneously. Unexpectedly, she happened to encounter Song Rin and Ling Xi to buy clothes. Zhou Fang was very unhappy to see it and turned away.

Ling Xi immediately asked Song Rin to explain to Zhou Fang, so as not to make her misunderstanding deeper. So Song Rin threw Order Xi to find Zhou Fang to explain. Let Song Rong explain clearly so that Zhou Fang is more acceptable. Song Rin explained that she was shopping with Ling Xi to talk about work. Qin Qing expressed her understanding and believing and gave Song Rin the opportunity to let Song Rong coax out Zhou Fang. Ling Xi despondently asked Huo Chendong to drink with him. Huo Chendong saw that Ling Xi had something to worry about, and Ling Xi did not hide it, and confessed to him that he liked Song Rong, which made Huo Chendong somewhat surprised, because Ling Xi once said that except Lin Yun She doesn’t like anyone. Ling Xi said she doesn’t know whether she appreciates Song Rong more or more, but what she knows now is that she is just an outsider between Song Rong and Zhou Fang.

Song Rin and Zhou Fang returned home together. After drinking some wine, Song Rong showed his fragile side in front of Zhou Fang, saying that he now puts all his weight on this project. If he loses, then he really will There was nothing, and the promise to Zhou Fang could not be fulfilled. Zhou Fang was very distressed after listening to Song Rin. Both of them spoke out their words. Zhou Fang said that although she could not help anything, she would Having been with Song Rong all the time, she also believes that Song Rong can overcome this difficulty.

Early the next morning, Song Rong came to the company and wanted to explain to Ling Xi, but Ling Xi opened the door and said that he would not do the destroyer of Zhou Fang’s and Song Rin’s feelings and let Song Rin concentrate on the company, but if One day in the future, Zhou will take the initiative to let go, and he will not miss this opportunity. Song Rin said that he would never give Zhou Fang a chance to let go. Li Ruhui went to the school to send materials to Tian Lijuan. Tian Lijuan was very grateful. It happened that Teacher Shen was in the office and invited Li Ruhui to take a small trip with them. Li Ruhui was worried that she didn’t know what to do next. The news told Qin Qing that Qin Qing would keep up with him. Qin Qing appeared in front of Tian Lijuan as a tour guide, leaving her speechless for a moment.

Zuo Yulin hurriedly called Zhou Fang after knowing the matter. Zhou Fang made Zuo Yulin not to worry. Now Li Ruhui is helping Qin Qing and let Zuo Yulin relax. With the help of Li Ruhui, although Tian Lijuan still doesn’t want to see Qin Qing, it’s not good to refuse Qin Qing’s offer too indifferently, and he can only accept it halfway. Zuo Yulin did not know the situation there, and was anxiously waiting for news at Zhou Fang’s house. Song Rong could finally watch the movie at home with Zhou Fang and drove the light bulb Zuo Yulin into the room.

Li Ruhui had a room with Tian Lijuan. In order to make Tian Lijuan and Qin Qing get along better, she pretended that she would get up at night, worried that Tian Lijuan would rest, and arranged for Qin Qing and Tian Lijuan to rest in a room. Tian Lijuan only Acceptable, but she told Qin Qing that whatever Qin Qing did was futile, but Qin Qing was not discouraged. She only asked Tian Lijuan to get along with her like normal teachers and students these days. Qin Qinggang sent a message to Zhou Fang to report the situation. Zuo Yulin, who heard the ringtone of the mobile phone in the room, rushed out and asked. After knowing that Qin Qing and Tian Lijuan were in a room, Zuo Yulin was anxious and worried that the two would conflict. Faced with the cold eyes of Tian Lijuan, Qin Qing carefully told her that the growth of more than ten years would change a person, and let Tian Lijuan re-know himself in the past few days of playing, and may have a different feeling.

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