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Burning 燃烧 Episode 36 Recap

In order to make a breakthrough in the case, Gao Feng did not hesitate to get samples of Xu Jun and Cui Tianxing again and do another DNA paternity test. Of course, this requires the help of Cui Zhiyou, who is in the south, and it must pass Liu Qingye. In this matter, Gao Feng admitted that his thoughts were too crazy, but Liu Qingye still agreed to help persuade Cui Zhiyou, but it was a pity that the other party didn’t care at all and decisively refused.

As for the DNA test conducted by Feng Kai’s investigation, if there is a problem, it will inevitably occur during a power outage, but that time was a blackout in the whole district, and another 20 years have passed. If a large-scale investigation is conducted, it will inevitably cause everyone to know . The superiors rejected the investigation from this clue, and the case was once again deadlocked.

Feng Kai deliberately came to Gao Sihai’s hospital bed, feeling a lot in his heart. The coffin-opening post-mortem case was full of storms in the city. Gao Sihai obviously could open one eye and close one eye to keep his home and his position, but he chose to stick to the truth and stick to his beliefs. Gao Jianshe’s death brought indelible pain to the old man. He seemed to be in pain all his life.

Feng Kai asked himself, if it were him, maybe he would not have the courage to stick to the truth in his heart, but no matter how much pain and criticism Gao Sihai suffered, he was not willing to give up, just because he is a policeman, he must be worthy of the policeman. clothes. Feng Kai knelt in front of Gao Sihai, clutching his hand, vowing to find out the truth for such a respectable policeman.

In a London hotel room, Xu Jiatong and Zhou Haoyu slept naked on the same bed. They secretly unlocked the phone with each other’s fingerprints and saw the message Gao Feng had sent. She once again advanced the progress of the project and couldn’t wait to book a flight ticket to return to China that day, and sent Shen Chaoying a business license to the UK. Xu Jiatong didn’t know what Gao Feng found out, but before the letter of guarantee was issued, she specifically called Zhao Yue’e, hoping that the other party would guarantee that there would be no accidents before that.

A knock on the door called Zhou Haoyu who was still asleep, he was surprised at his state, and even more surprised that Xu Jiatong would return home early. Gao Feng’s suspicion of Xu Jiatong continued to circulate in Zhou Haoyu’s mind, and all kinds of strange signs made him have to doubt his own judgment. Two people were sitting on the way to the airport, Xu Jiatong tempted him to resign through social interaction, which made Zhou Haoyu’s heart more complicated.

Back in Longcheng, Zhou Haoyu drove Xu Jiatong, thinking for a long time in his car, until he fell asleep without knowing. Shen Chaoying’s phone call woke him up and made him determined to investigate the British project himself. Zhou Haoyu found his old friend Hacker Machi through his friends, and rushed to Shanghai to meet him overnight. Zhou Haoyu’s every move was under Xu Jiatong’s surveillance, and it was easy to know that he was rushing to the airport and accidentally confirmed the other party’s flight.

When Zhou Haoyu rushed to Kunshan, Shanghai, suddenly a man in black clothes and a faceless man came behind him. Zhou Haoyu turned and looked intently and found that the other party was a stick. He followed Magan all the way to a dilapidated and messy building. The messy environment in the house explained the living conditions of the owner of the room. Zhou Haoyu came here deliberately this time, just to let the hemp black into the British and Longxing cooperation project. Judging from Ma Gan’s face, he seemed to have some concerns, but in the end he agreed to help.

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