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Burning 燃烧 Episode 35 Recap

Gao Feng successfully used Li Xian’s hand to help Ma Lan find a job as a receptionist in Longwan. Today is the day of the interview. He specifically wanted to find Liu Qingye to borrow a set of clothes for Ma Lan. Liu Qingye suddenly heard that Gao Feng was borrowing clothes for a woman who was about the same size and age as her, and immediately took precautions.

Gao Feng obeyed Liu Qingye’s “command” and brought Ma Lan to the police station door to give her a look. Knowing that it was Yang Heng’s girlfriend, Ma Lan, Liu Qingye’s expression and tone were quite relaxed. However, Gao Feng’s intention to take care of Ma Lan in this way still attracted her probing eyes. Liu Qingye saw at a glance that Gao Feng wanted to work hard on Ma Lan, but the caring between people was true.

This is the first time Gao Feng has set foot in Liu Qingye’s home. The home decoration is simple. The most important thing is that besides a selfie of police uniforms on the cabinet, there are also photos of them playing in the kindergarten. Gao Feng took the initiative to send a message to Liu Qingye, and the ambiguity between the two became more intense, making people feel hot. Before leaving, Gao Feng deliberately took away Liu Qingye’s photos of police uniforms. It was obvious that they liked each other.

Wei Dapao is the second person after Zhou Wei. The situation he described is consistent with Zhou Wei’s description at a critical time point and specific procedures. Feng Kai specifically asked, if all the procedures are correct, then where the error might be. Zhou Wei stated very frankly, agreeing with the inner ghost’s thoughts, while Wei Da Pao rubbed his hand on his thigh, expressing his unwillingness to make a guess without evidence and prevaricate it.

On the surface, it seems that there is no problem everywhere. If someone moves their hands or feet, it must be that someone changed the sample during the five minutes of the power outage. It is a pity that Li Fei is dead, and there are no notable clues or loopholes in the statements of Zhou Wei and Wei Dapao.

In London, England, Longxing Group’s long-prepared project is about to be officially launched. Seeing Xu Jiatong’s speech while standing on stage, Zhou Haoyu couldn’t move his eyes away as if it had its own glory. At the reception, Zhou Haoyu had been thinking about Gao Feng’s words in his heart. He seemed absent-minded, and naturally he couldn’t hide from Xu Jiatong’s eyes.

Zhou Haoyu was exhausted after a meal. Xu Jiatong looked at the monitor on the phone, but didn’t intend to let him go. To find out what Gao Feng told Zhou Haoyu at the airport, and how to better prevent him from becoming a hindrance, there is always a price to pay, and Xu Jiatong has already measured it in his heart.

In the hotel room, Zhou Haoyu was taking a shower when he heard someone knock on the door. He saw Xu Jiatong through the cat’s eyes and quickly put on his pajamas. Only after opening the door, Xu Jiatong took a bottle of red wine. It seemed that he was in a bad mood, but simply wanted to find someone he trusted the most to drink with.

Two people drank from one bottle to two, Zhou Haoyu refused from the original and drank completely drunk. With his eyes facing each other, coupled with the numbness and upheaval of alcohol, Zhou Haoyu couldn’t help holding Xu Jiatong’s hand and confessed again. Feeling Xu Jiatong’s non-rejection, Zhou Haoyu picked up her by Jiu Jin and walked towards the bed.

Gao Feng in Longwan has been staring at the photos of Xu Jiafu and Cui Tianxing. The more I look at them, the more I feel that their facial contours are too similar. Immediately, Gao Feng called Liu Qingye’s cell phone together, asking her to ask Cui Zhiyou, who is in the South, to help and get Cui Tianxing’s DNA sample. This may be crazy, but it is indeed the best way Gao Feng can think of.

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