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Burning 燃烧 Episode 34 Recap

The technology of paternity testing was obtained from Zhou Wei’s training. Even if he proposed to go to the world, he could extract samples of Jiao Corpse and Xu Jun for DNA matching. The originally scheduled time was postponed to three o’clock in the afternoon because Xu Jun and Zhao Yuee insisted on eating. When Zhou Wei and Li Fei went to draw Xu Jun’s blood, only Wei Dapao stayed in the studio.

At the time of the test, the laboratory suddenly suffered a power outage, and the entire environment was out of reach. Later, it was learned that the power bureau had a temporary power outage for half an hour. After the power outage, the three of them stayed in the studio for only five minutes. After the power outage was resolved, they re-examined the samples and confirmed that they were correct before starting a paternity test.

Even if there is no difference between the two appraisal results, Gao Sihai firmly believes that Xu Jiafu is not dead. He believes in science, so the only thing that can be wrong is people. Gao Sihai suspects Li Fei, Wei Dapao, and suspects that the inspectors have ghosts. Zhou Wei still remembers that in 1995, Li Fei was punished because of Gao Sihai’s suspicion and punching each other.

At that time, Zhou Wei felt more and more that his subordinates had lost trust in him, and this incident had seriously affected their family. Zhou Wei clearly remembered that when he found Gao Sihai again, the first thing he saw was the big and eye-catching red letter “Go to Death” on the gate, with a dead crow hanging beside it. What a vicious curse this is, and what a heavy blow it will bring to Gao Sihai, you don’t need to imagine it.

Gao Sihai has always believed that Xu Jiafu is not dead. Even in the paternity test, there were matching results both times, and he also firmly believed in his own judgment. However, Zhou Wei failed to help Gao Sihai. This was his guilt as a son, and he was ashamed of his father’s many years of nurturing.

Zhou Wei has always firmly believed that there will be no omissions in his own testing procedures, and there will be no errors in the technical means of the year. If there is a result error, there is only one possibility. Among Zhou Wei, Wei Dapao, and Li Fei who had participated in the test, there must be a spy who was bought by Zhao Yuee. Only if the test sample was dropped can the result be wrong.

Originally, in order to correct such an error, as long as a sample of the burnt corpse and Xu Jun’s blood were taken again, it was possible to confirm whether someone dropped the sample. However, on the day the results came out, Zhao Yuee used a reasonable excuse to completely cremate the burnt corpse, and later destroyed all evidence.

In London, Xu Jiatong met Xu Jiafu, who was incarnate Cui Tianxing, in the name of cooperation. This was not the first time they met, but they still looked so strange and at a loss. Xu Jiatong remembered that he had met him when he was a child, and his Tong Yan Wuji had hurt Xu Jiafu severely, but he was just a crude little Bouma, and Xu Jiafu stayed for nearly twenty years.

Xu Jiafu feels guilty that he cannot personally accompany the growth of his family. This time, through the cooperation of the British project, in order to reasonably take over Zhao Yuee and Xu Jun in the future, a real family reunion life. Ever since he personally killed the tramp, Xu Jiafu’s heart has become more cruel, but his heart towards Zhao Yue’e has remained the same.

At the same time, Chen Jie, who reconciled with Gao Feng, was finally able to care about his son, and even wanted to match his relationship with Liu Qingye. Speaking of relationships and family, the mother and son looked at the pictures on the wall and recalled Gao Jianshe together. Although Gao Jianshe has not been as good as Zhou Wei for a long time, in Chen Jie’s mind, he is a great hero who punishes and eliminates evil.

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