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And The Winner is Love 月上重火 Episode 46 Recap

Guantu thanked Yin Ci for rescuing Lin Fengzi, but Yin Ci said that this was because someone had luck for Lin Fengzi before she could make her stay up to Yue Shanggu. Shangguantu couldn’t help but wonder. After Lin Fengzi woke up, Shangguan thoroughly asked what happened to her, and learned that King Lu and Yuwen Mu had been away, and asked Xia Qingmei for the ninth secret of the Lotus God. Xia Qingmei’s eyebrows were irritated, even more so, he hurt himself. Yuwen Muyuan reported to King Lu that all the black fire had been completed. Please check King Lu. When the cunning Lu King was about to enter the gunpowder storehouse, he retracted his foot and said that Yu Wen Mu Yuan would not doubt what he was doing.

In the evening, Chongxuezhi infiltrated Yuwen Muyuan’s black gunpowder storehouse and prepared a fire to explode these black fires. Yu Wenmu Yuan prevented the failure but found that the black fire did not explode. Chong Xuezhi looked at Yu Wen Mu Yuan in disbelief. Shangguan Tuo said at this time that Yu Wen Mu Yuan was in Cao Ying’s heart, and he did not submit to the King Lu, but he endured the burden and kept looking for opportunities to revenge.

It turned out that Yuwen Muyuan was indeed a surrender to King Lu, but he didn’t care about revenge one day. He has been secretly sending letters to Chongxuezhi, and when he killed Shangguantu, he deliberately deviated from the blade and helped Shangguanto seal the blood, so that Shangguantu could survive after falling down the cliff and win time. It was Yuwen Muyuan’s luck for Lin Fengzi that allowed her to have the opportunity to persevere in the moon valley. This time, he was ready to detonate Black Fire when King Lu came to see Black Fire, and he died with him. Unexpectedly, King Lu was cunning and his plan fell through. After the talk opened, Chong Xuezhi also let go of a heart attack. She apologized to Yu Wen Mu Yuan for her misunderstanding, and several people summed up the plan. It was decided to kill King Lu alone, and he would not be able to debunk his dark face. Only by transporting the black fire to the east to the prince to expose him completely can the prince make up his mind and completely solve the problem of King Lu.

Shangguan Tou and Yu Wen Mu Yuan also talked a lot, and Yu Wen Mu Yuan sincerely entrusted Chong Xuezhi to him, saying that Chong Xuezhi was more impulsive to consider problems since she was a child, because she knew that whenever she had Her brother Mu Yuan is after her care, and brother Mu Yuan is her armor. In the future, this armor will have to be done by Shangguan Tou. Shangguan Tou does not allow him to say this. He says Mu Yuan is very heavy in Chongxuezhi’s heart. Very heavy, I hope he will not let Chong Xuezhi sad again. According to their plan, the next day, several groups of horses and horses split up, but King Lu was already prepared. He sent someone to intercept Shangguan through the east to transport black fire, while detaining the disciples of Yuwen Muyuan and Chonghuo Palace, Used to disperse their energy.

When Shangguan Tou was robbed of the Black Fire, he detonated it, and it was so powerful that it was just seen by the prince who came to meet him. Everyone was shocked by this. Shangguan Tou quickly returned to save the heavy fire. The disciples of the palace. And Chong Xuezhi came to rescue Yu Wen Mu Yuan, Yu Wen Mu Yuan was dying of torture, but he still considered Chong Xue Zhi’s comfort, reminding her not to come, because there are ambush around. But Chongxuezhi was so eager to save people, where she managed so much, just when she was about to approach Yuwen Muyuan, all of her arrows suddenly fired around her, and the arrows shot at Chongxuezhi like rain, seeing her being enemies in the back and back, Yuwen Mu Yuancai tried his best to break the rope that tied him up, flew to Chong Xuezhi, blocked the arrow rain that was shot at her, and looked at Yu Wen Mu Yuan, who suddenly became a hedgehog, Chong Xuezhi was stunned.

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