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And The Winner is Love 月上重火 Episode 41 Recap

Xia Qingmei returned to the residence with the medicine he had taken. Lin Fengzi asked him where he had so much money. Xia Qingmei concealed that he had gone to work. Lin Fengzi was distressed when he went out to work, took out the bracelet his father gave himself, and asked him to take it and work, and also less to go out to work and suffer. But Xia Qingmei, who was sensitive by nature, felt that Lin Fengzi looked down on him. He lost his temper and fell on Lin Fengzi’s bracelet. Lin Fengzi was very distressed to him, and persuaded him to go back and admit his father to make a mistake, and he would be able to seek his father’s forgiveness, but Xia Qingmei’s emotionally rejected her proposal.

He ran out of the room, recalling what King Lu said to himself, and decided to surrender to King Lu so that he could stand out and fly to Huang Tengda. Lin Fengzi picked up the bracelet broken by Xia Qingmei and carefully wrapped it with a handkerchief. A disciple of Lingjian Mountain Villa, who was secretly observing on the side, told Lin Zongxing these things, but Lin Zongxing ordered not to care about her, because she married her and the way she walked.

Xia Qingmei finally came to look for King Lu. King Lu didn’t foresee, not only promised him glory and wealth, but also took out a nine-turn Qilin Dan for him to serve, saying that this would break through the bottleneck of his practice and help him to practice more. Go upstairs. Chongxuezhi was going to Yingxian in Xianshan, but he returned without life. He explained that he had not returned before because he was injured and recuperating elsewhere. Chongxuezhi came to Xianshan Yingzhou, and red sleeves invited her to drink together. Chongxuezhi borrowed wine to sorrow, and missed Shangguan through more. When she was so drunk and dizzy, she suddenly saw the figure of Shangguan through and ran out regardless of her, but Missing the figure, she felt even more painful. She felt dizzy and almost fell over. A large hand was stopped in time at her waist. She looked at it and saw that Shangguan was standing beside her. She was very excited, but, Shangguantou said to her coldly that she had admitted the wrong person and was Yu Chuzhi from Jingzhou.

Chong Xuezhi did not want to believe that the person in front of him was not Shangguan Tou. She insisted that Shangguan To was deceiving herself. She ignored Yu Chuzhi’s repeated explanations and hugged him tightly. Her mouth called Brother Tou. Ten million Don’t go, talking about Jiujin fainted. Yu Chuzhi took her into the room and gave it to the waiter, and suppressed the emotional fluctuations in her heart and left here. Red-sleeved asked why is this so? Since both people are so devoted to each other, why can’t they meet. Shangguantou told Red Sleeve that Shangguantou is dead, and King Lu is cunning. Only when Chong Xuezhi believes he is dead can King Lu believe that he must endure for a while in order to avenge his great cause. He told Red Sleeve to wait for Xuezhi to wake up and must tell her that he was not Shangguan.

After Xia Qingmei served nine turns of Qilin Dan, it really opened up Ren Du’s second pulse, kung fu quickly improved, and finally became the ninth type of lotus god. King Lu congratulated him on his achievements, Xia Qingmei was very grateful to King Lu for helping himself, willing to eradicate the martial arts dissidents for King Lu, and help him dominate the martial arts. After regaining consciousness, Chongxuezhi recalled what happened last night, and could not help but come to find the so-called Yu Gongzi to prove that no matter how she sidestepped, Shangguantu refused to admit that she was Shangguan, Chongxuezhi was extremely disappointed and lonely Return. She found Red Sleeve again to confirm, but Red Sleeve was entrusted by Shangguan Tou, also corroborating the fact that Yu Chuzhi was not Shangguan Tou.

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