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And The Winner is Love 月上重火 Episode 40 Recap

Xia Qingmei brought carefully prepared congee soup for Lin Zongxing, but Lin Zongxing didn’t want to see him, and the two of them quarreled with each other. In Jian Shanzhuang’s words, Xia Qingmei didn’t expect to walk away, Lin Fengzi also chose to follow him and left Lingjian Shanzhuang. In an instant, there was only Lin Zongxing alone in the empty Lingjian Shanzhuang. Xia Qingmei took Lin Fengzi out of Lingjian Villa, he told Lin Fengzi to prepare to take her to the suburbs of Dongdu, and then through his own efforts to bring a better life to Lin Fengzi.

Lin Changran took Chong Xuezhi back to Yueshanggu, and Chong Xuezhi said that once she came back, she remembered the bit by bit with Shangguan, which made her sad. Lin Changran persuaded her that the deceased had gone, and life was long anyway. Stay strong. Under the careful care of the princes, Shangguan Tou has regained his consciousness. He and the prince talked about King Lu. The prince did not expect his brother to have reached such a vicious state. Shangguan persuaded the prince to make a decision early, because as it progressed, King Lu must expand his ambitions, making the future situation uncontrollable and willing to do what the prince can do.

Xia Qingmei and Lin Fengzi temporarily stayed in the suburbs. Xia Qingmei practiced martial arts, but some of the nine methods of the Lotus God couldn’t break through. At this time, King Lu personally came here to invite Xia Qingmei to recount. He promised Xia Qingmei to be honorable and rich, and said that if Xia Qingmei took orders from himself, he would help him make rapid advances in martial arts and obtain a qualitative breakthrough. But Xia Qingmei was unmoved and did not listen to King Lu’s teaching. King Lu decided to change his strategy again, and he always wanted Xia Qingmei to follow him.

Because Lin Fengzi couldn’t stand the change of living environment for a while, and felt the cold and discomfort, Xia Qingmei invited a doctor to treat her. King Lu called Yuwen Muyuan to let him enlighten Xia Qingmei. Xia Qingmei came to the drug store to grab medicine for Lin Fengzi, but the money was not enough. At this time, Yu Wen Mu Yuan paid the bill for him. He said that he wanted to thank Ling Jian Mountain Villa for taking care of the disciples of Chonghuo Palace, And before leaving, he handed a bag of money to Xia Qingmei, and told Lu Wang of his reliance on Xia Qingmei. Xia Qingmei didn’t feel a little moved.

Chongxuezhi decided to come forward to stop the crazy behavior of King Lu, not only to give Shangguan a reward, but also to avoid martial arts from being subjected to a catastrophe. Lin Changran couldn’t persuade her, and had to tell her to be careful. After Xue Xuezhi agreed, she said that she would go to Xianshan Yingzhou to report to Qiu Hongxiu for safety. After Shangguan had recovered from his wounds, he told his prince his thoughts. Since King Lu declared that he had been charged with murder under the forbidden army, and when he was caught, he was killed without amnesty. In order to complete the task of finding out the final intention of King Lu, he turned to dress up and quit the Prince’s Mansion under the name Yu Gongzi and Wuming together.

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