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And The Winner is Love 月上重火 Episode 38 Recap

King Lu came to Lingjian Villa this time. Although he was congratulating Lin Fengzi and Xia Qingmei on his engagement, he actually came to Xia Qingmei’s martial arts. He instructed the samurai he brought with him to discuss martial arts with Xia Qingmei. Xia Qingmei refused to follow the advice of the master, but the samurai had discovered that he had profound skills. Seeing that no more could be found in temptation, Lu Wang took people away and planned to find someone to try again later. After King Lu left. Lin Zongxing felt that he must have gone to the Three Treasures Hall this time. He had ulterior motives. Hearing him use the Heavy Fire Palace as an example to beat himself, he must be plotting the entire martial arts, so he decided to use Lin On the day when Feng Zi and Xia Qingmei married, they invited Wu Linzhong to come to discuss the countermeasures and stop the Lu King’s plot.

Chongxuezhi is much better now. She and Shangguantu are the happiest moment for two people in Xianshan Yingzhou these days. The two of them are playing the piano and playing chess with the utmost sweetness. Chongxuezhi hopes that it will always be such a day in the future. I’m also happy to say that there will be many in the future. On this day, the two were talking and laughing. Someone sent a secret letter for Shangguan. In order not to worry Chong Xuezhi, Red Sleeve avoided her and handed it to Shangguan through privately. It was originally written by His Royal Highness the Prince to Shangguan, and he was invited to come to Dongdu to narrate.

King Lu returned to his residence and said that Yu Wen Mu Yuan was about to come. Sure enough, Yu Wen Mu Yuan came to visit. This time he saw Shangguan Tou and Chong Xuezhi in Xianshan Yingzhou looking happy and happy. Very sad, since Chong Xuezhi has never put him in his heart, he will not have to be tired of love in the future, and he will rebuild the Palace of Heavy Fire wholeheartedly, so he vowed to decide the loyalty to King Lu. King Lu is very satisfied with this, but his loyalty to Yu Wen Mu Yuan still needs a try. At this time, the men came to report, Lin Zongxing widely spread invitations, invited martial arts people to participate in Lin Fengzi’s wedding banquet, Lu Wang knew that Lin Zongxing will definitely take action on that day, he said he would definitely take someone to join The lively day was also the day when the Wulin League was established.

When Shangguantou came to the Prince’s Mansion, the prince had noticed the recent changes of King Lu. His recent actions really disturbed him, but his inconvenience made him appear on the rivers and lakes. He had to entrust Shangguantou to help him find out the truth. . Since the prince’s help in the Shangguan Xingzhou case, the prince has known that the prince is upright and worthwhile to communicate with, so he immediately promised to take the prince. In the morning of Xianshan Yingzhou, Chongxuezhi woke up from his sleep and found that Shangguan was gone, leaving a letter telling her that she had something to do when she returned to the East, and she will definitely be back within three days. Chong Xuezhi waited until the third day to see Shangguan through back, he left a note to Red Sleeve and hit the horse alone to find Shangguan through.

At this time in Lingjian Villa, the wedding was being held, and Huashan Paifengcheng was not invited. Lin Zongxing said aloud that the invitation to come today is not to invite everyone to attend the wedding, but to discuss important matters, and it is also related to King Lu. The voice just fell. King Lu brought Yu Wen Mu Yuan to the wedding site, and his men reported to Lin Zongxing that Lingjian Villa had been surrounded by officers and soldiers. Lin Zongxing had to invite King Lu to come to the side hall to narrate. King Lu was prepared. He told Lin Zongxing that he had mastered the matter of his eldest disciple Xia Qingmei secretly practicing the ninth style of the Lotus God, and wanted to threaten Lin Zongxing in public and agreed to cooperate with him to establish the Wulin League. Lin Zongxing did not clearly state his position, but he did not believe that his disciples would secretly practice the ninth style of Lotus God.

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