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Love Designer 幸福触手可及 Episode 42 Recap

Zhou Fang was a bit strange about Qin Qing’s changes. She always stood on her own stand, but this time she spoke to Song Rin, which made Zhou Fang a little puzzled. At this time, Song Rin sent a message that she went to grandma When Qin Qing knew it, he let Zhou Fang go to Song Rong and took the opportunity to ease the relationship between the two. Zhou Fangwang’s car dealer asked where Grandma Song Rin’s house was. Wang He sent Zhou Fang’s address and said that Song Rong was careful and arrogant, but when he was in love with Zhou Fang, he was never needed. Let him A bit hurting self-esteem, Zhou Fang knew Song Rin’s inner thoughts.

After Zhou Fang got the address, she hurried to Grandma Song Rin’s house, and she met Grandma Song just after she arrived. Grandma Song showed her the way. When Song Rong saw Zhou Fang coming, her anger was gone. The two finally had the opportunity to sit down and have a good chat. Zhou Fang also apologized to Song Rin. He said that because of the neglect of Song Rin’s feelings because of work, Song Rong also introspected that he was too horny at the time. After the two chatted, Song Rong took Zhou Fang returned to grandma’s house for dinner. Grandma Song and Zhou Fang only met officially. Grandma Song likes Zhou Fang more and more. She also took off the bracelet on her hand and gave it to Zhou Fang as a ceremony. Zhou Fang and Song Rin lived at Grandma’s house for one night and returned to Shanghai the next day. Before leaving, Grandma Song repeatedly told Song Rong to treat Zhou Fang well.

After returning to Shanghai, Song Lin made an appointment with Qin Qing through Zuo Yulin and said that he would give Zhou a surprise, so he asked Qin Qing for help. Song Rin told Qin Qing that he wanted to marry Zhou Fang. Qin Qing saw that Song Rong was serious, and he agreed to cooperate with Song Rong. Zhou Fang’s concept store opened. Qin Qing arrived with Li Ruhui. Soon after the two entered, the Su Yushan couple arrived, and Zhou Fang hurried out to meet. In the witness of everyone, Zhou Fang announced the official opening of the experience store. In the applause of everyone, Zhou Fang’s eyes have been placed on Song Rin’s body.

Zhou Fang took Song Rin to visit his new office. Qin Qing and Li Ruhui talked about their emotional troubles. Qin Qing had determined that she wanted to spend a lifetime with Zuo Yulin, but she was also distressed by Zuo Yulin caught in her Hotan Li Ruan was uncomfortable. Li Ruhui listened to Qin Qing’s troubles and encouraged Qin Qing not to give up. She was very optimistic about the relationship between Qin Qing and Zuo Yulin and promised to help find ways to accept Qin Qing’s daughter-in-law. Qin Qing had several appointments with Zuo Yulin, but Zuo Yulin kept pushing away. Not only did he not be able to get out, but also did not return Qin Qing’s news, Qin Qing was a little worried that his relationship with Zuo Yulin would end, and suddenly Chaos, Zhou Fang looked at Qin Qing with some emotion. She had never seen Qin Qing care about which man is so indifferent to her. She comforted Qin Qing, and she would definitely help Qin Qing get his left mother.

Zuo Yulin was choosing food with her mother at home. Song Rin suddenly called Zuo Yulin and asked Zuo Yulin to discuss the project with herself. When Zuo mother heard about work, she left Zuo Yulin to work first. , Zuo Yulin got on Song Rin’s car, only to know that Song Rin wanted to take himself to see Zhou Fang and Qin Qing. With the help of Song Rin and Zhou Fang, Zuo Yulin and Qin Qing met. Zuo Yulin met Qin Qing and said that he would try to prove to Zuo mother that he was no longer a child. He would work hard in his career and talk to Zuo mother in an independent and equal manner to let her know that she was serious , Seriously decided to be with Qin Qing.

Song Rin and Zhou were in the room chatting. After Song Qin knew that Qin Qing had bought a gift for Zuo Yulin abroad, he asked Zhou Fang if he had bought a gift for himself. Zhou Fang knew Song Rin’s thoughts, but she deliberately There was no piercing, and it looked a little funny to see Song Rong. In fact, Zhou Fang also bought a gift for Song Rin, but it was just not ready. In order to thank Ling?, Song Rin planned to cook a meal at home and entertain Ling Xi with Zhou Fang. Although Zhou Fang was somewhat reluctant, in order not to appear stingy, she agreed to invite Song Lin to invite Ling Xi to dinner at home. It is necessary to pose as a hostess to declare your sovereignty.

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