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Love Designer 幸福触手可及 Episode 40 Recap

Song Rin learned that Xiao Fei’s technology had made a qualitative leap, and he immediately wanted to expand his team to increase investment. Unexpectedly, Su Yushan acted secretly, so that Song Rin’s investors did not invest in him, and Su Yushan deliberately He asked Song Rin out and told him the matter, threatening to compete fairly with Song Rin. Song Rin went to Ling Xi and asked about the situation of the investors. Only then did she understand that the last thing Ling Xi wanted to tell him was the lingering issue, that is, Su Yushan might be involved.

Song Rong waited for Zhou Fang to come out for dinner and wanted to talk to Zhou Fang about the investment. Unexpectedly, Zhou Fang’s phone kept ringing and he couldn’t even eat with peace of mind. He didn’t say anything. After Zhou Fang answered the phone, Song Rin wanted Zhou Fang to eat first and then deal with other things, but Zhou Fang didn’t want his employees to wait. He could only deal with it as soon as possible before eating. Zhou Fang just had a good bite of rice and wanted to ask Song Rin about the technology company. The phone rang again, so that Song Rong lost his appetite. Zhou Fang saw that Song Rong was not happy, so he turned off the phone directly, but Song Rong still couldn’t get rid of it, so he had to go to the toilet to calm down and talk.

After Song Rong came back, Zhou Fang asked him if he was really angry. She felt that she was busy with her work now. Song Rong should be understandable, because Song Rong was also very busy before, but she was just idle now. Song Rin couldn’t help venting her anger when he heard Zhou Fang’s words. He reminded Zhou Fang that she should not only be a designer or a boss, she should not do everything by herself, and should hand over her work in due course. Zhou Fang thinks that her employees are all newcomers, and it’s good to do her good job. She can’t be a shopkeeper, and it’s impossible for her employees to compare with the professional team brought by Song Rong.

Song Rin was not convinced by Zhou Fang’s words. He just wanted to allow Zhou Fang to manage her time reasonably, because other designers would not be like Zhou Fang. Understand what Song Rong said, think Song Rong was looking for her stubble, and she was angry with her all night. Song Rong quarreled with Zhou Fang because of Zhou Fang’s words, and couldn’t help mentioning Su Yushan, so she couldn’t help jealously telling about things that Su Yushan didn’t think was Zhou Fang’s talent, which caused Zhou Fang was even more angry.

When Zhou Fang and Su Yushan went to Milan, they saw the star He Qin in the VIP Hou machine room, so they discussed Qin Qing with Shen Peipei, and he liked it very much. Seeing Zhou Fang like it, Su Yushan immediately went to say hello to He Qin, let Zhou Fang and He Qin take a picture together, and then let Zhou Fang send a circle of friends. He asked He Qin to help forward it and give Zhou Fang a little more popularity. After seeing Zhou Fang’s circle of friends, Song Rin was very unhappy with what Su Yushan did, but she had no choice but to concentrate on her work.

Song Rin went back to Chen Chen and explained that the technology company he invested in has already broken through the technology barrier, requiring them to join his new team to expand the promotion and promotion of this technology. Song Rong had arranged her work, so she went to see Granny Song in the countryside. She wanted to see Granny Song’s situation and wanted to see if Granny Song was willing to go to the United States with him to see Song Luo. As soon as Song Rin came back, she was ready to cook two dishes for Grandma Song. She also explained that this was taught by her girlfriend. Grandma Song was very happy to hear it. She just wanted to wait for Song Rong to bring her girlfriend back to see her.

Qin Qing arrived in Milan and told Zuo Yulin about the situation there. He praised Su Yushan because Su Yushan knew many people and solved many problems for them. After listening to Qin Qingyi, Zuo Yulin felt that Su Yushan had also attempted them, but Qin Qing explained that Zhou Fang did not think so, and she would not put it on her body. Zhou Fang was angry with Song Rong. When he arrived in Milan, he did not contact Song Rin. Song Rong accompanied her grandmother and did not contact Zhou Fang. But Grandma Song was particularly worried about Song Rong’s marriage.

Qin Qing was exhausted in Milan and couldn’t help thinking of Zuo Yulin, so he returned the ticket to Ireland and was anxious to go back to accompany Zuo Yulin. Zhou Fang and they could only accompany Qin Qing back to Shanghai. When Qin Qing came back, he took the love bento made by himself and the watch he bought to Zuo Yulin, which left Zuo Yulin very moved. Zuo Yulin accepted the watch and was about to eat Qin Qing’s love lunch. Tian Lijuan also went to the company to give him dinner. Frightened Qin Qing had to hide. At present, Tian Lijuan cannot know that the two are too dense. Communication, afraid of being directly strangled by her.

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