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Burning 燃烧 Episode 33 Recap

In 1993, in Shanghai, Zhao Yuee came to Shanghai alone and was picked up and picked up by Xu Da, but she did not visit Xu Jun the first time. Pushing Xu Da away, Zhao Yuee came to the door of room 618 of the hotel alone. She rubbed her hands nervously and knocked on the door.

When the door of the room opened, a strange-looking man in the room suddenly grabbed Zhao Yue’e’s hand and pulled her into the room, claiming to be Xu Jiafu who had fled for a long time. Now he, because of plastic surgery, has changed beyond recognition, so Zhao Yue’e dare not admit it, for fear that the police deliberately induced her. It wasn’t until Xu Jiafu revealed the birthmark on her hand that Zhao Yuee could believe that the strange man in front of her was really the husband she had not seen for many years.

It was learned from Xu Jiafu that after he went to the South, he replaced a man named Cui Tianxing. It’s not that Zhao Yuee didn’t know that Xu Jiafu had a facelift, but he didn’t expect that it would change so much, even the voice was completely different, it was two people. This time, Xu Jiafu ventured to Shanghai to take their mother and son to the South for reunion. Unfortunately, Zhao Yuee’s mentality was completely different. Xu Jun married a wife and had children here, and thought that success was achieved by his own hard work. If he knew the truth, he would collapse.

Zhao Yuee cruelly rejected Xu Jiafu. She thought about it for five years and admitted her fate. Maybe she couldn’t reunite with her family, which was the price of making the wrong choice. Xu Jiafu did everything for his family, but now he has to be separated from each other. Even if he is not reconciled, he has no choice. Fearing to see each other in the future, Zhao Yuee conspired with Xu Jiafu to get rid of Wu Guixiang and let Xu Jun be the real boss.

Time goes back to the present. When Xu Jiatong rushed to London, Xu Jiafu arrived long ago, but Xu Jun believed Zhao Yue’e’s excuses and refused to go with him because he did not want the police to doubt. In the airport, Xu Jiatong looked at Zhou Haoyu with a vague expression and a keen sense of smell, and immediately asked her friend to take the lead in installing a bug in Zhou Haoyu’s room.

At the same time, Gao Feng and Ma Lan came to the prison to visit Yang Heng. Yang Heng was very happy when he learned that Ma Lan was specifically visiting him. Especially when he learned that Ma Lan was pregnant, he was full of tears and promised to do his duty to their mother and son after he was released from prison.

The two people, separated by a piece of transparent glass, talked to each other and agreed on a happy life in the future. Ma Lan sincerely thanked Gao Feng for his help. Naturally, he also wanted Yang Heng to tell the truth, so that he could get out of jail soon and reunite with his family.

When Xu Guangyi died, Yang Heng was only eight years old. The so-called trust in his mother was too pale. He had no reason to believe that Luo Hongying was not the murderer. Twenty years later, when the body of the Beishan Cave in Longwan was exposed, Yang Heng was able to say that the body was his mother, Luo Hongying, and all this was unreasonable.

As soon as I heard these questions, I knew that they were not what Ma Lan asked. Yang Heng even suspected that she had conspired with Gao Feng to deliberately deceive him with pregnancy, just to get the truth out, so he got up and left without hesitation. Yang Heng’s distrust and non-cooperation made Ma Lan anxious, and even wanted to get rid of the child. In the end, under Gao Feng’s dissuasion, he dispelled his impulsive thoughts.

With the consent of the superior, Feng Kai immediately conducted a secret interrogation of the paternity test after the autopsy was opened that year, and the first subject to interrogate naturally fell on Zhou Wei. In order to keep it secret, Feng Kai and others deliberately met with Zhou Wei in the hotel’s conference room and talked about the whole story.

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