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Burning 燃烧 Episode 32 Recap

Before Xu Jun borrowed the loan shark and was about to escape, he was killed by a killer sent by the loan chaser. A light and flamboyant word that seems to explain Xu Da’s death in a reasonable and reasonable way is equivalent to piercing a hole in the wall that Xu Jun trusted Gao Feng to say. Xu Jun began to doubt himself, and he also gave Zhao Yue’e a chance. In a few words, he began to doubt his mother with guilt.

In the end, a hospital inspection report and resignation letter were placed on the table from Zhao Yuee’s hands. Xu Jun was the only one left in the room. When he looked at the health report in front of him that he had been severely depressed, he smiled bitterly and helplessly, and perhaps even laughed at his ridiculous life. He signed the letter of resignation and seemed to have nowhere to go.

All the directors of Longxing rushed back from various places overnight. Everyone was surprised by Xu Jun’s sudden depression, and they all agreed to his resignation. In the end, under Zhao Yuee’s proposal, she succeeded in replacing the position of chairman. Xu Jiatong watched how painful her father was, and how Zhao Yuee deceived her father, but she had nothing to do except obeying and assisting.

Although Feng Kai did not believe Gao Feng’s inference, he still reported this possibility to his superiors in the first place. Even if there is only reasoning and no evidence at all, they still can’t take the risk, let alone wait for Long Xing to transfer assets and regret again. However, under the current situation, even if the investigation intervenes, it is difficult to grasp any handle, unless there is an internal report on the British project.

The news of Xu Jun’s resignation due to illness has been completely spread on the Internet. Xu Jiatong confirmed the authenticity of the information for Zhou Haoyu, and she also urged her to destroy the project risk report she had written. At this time, Zhou Haoyu was completely dazzled by love. Even if he was puzzled, he did not question any instructions of Xu Jiatong.

Right now, as long as Longxing is registered in the UK branch, the bank will confirm the loan. The plane originally scheduled for the end of the month was also advanced by Xu Jiatong three days later. Xu Jun’s sudden resignation and the advance date made Shen Chaoying feel uneasy, and also made the police feel urgency. This time, even if it was just speculation, the superiors agreed to Feng Kai’s re-investigation from the DNA test of the open coffin.

At the same time, Gao Feng also hoped to get a new breakthrough from Zhou Haoyu. However, Zhou Haoyu’s trust in Xu Jiatong is blind. In his eyes, Xu Jiatong is an irreplaceable and beautiful girl with a noble vision. Anyone who said something bad about Xu Jiatong, even if this person is Gao Feng, is intolerable to him.

In 1988, outside the cave in Beishan, Longwan, Xu Da was joining the people sent by Zhao Yuee and Xu Jiafu in the cave. Xu Jiafu wanted to bring his wife, children and Xu Da to Banzhou for a reunion together. It was originally scheduled for the next night to smuggle in Koupu Village, Haidong County. It was Gao Sihai who insisted that Xu Jiafu was not dead, so that he could not close the case for a long time, and Zhao Yuee lost the opportunity to leave this smuggling.

At this time, Xu Jun also went to Shanghai by himself. Zhao Yuee specifically asked someone to come and bring a message to Xu Jiafu, hoping that he could help support his son’s future. At the same time, Zhao Yuee deliberately lured Xu Da with benefits and let him secretly go to Shanghai to create a bridge section for Xu Jun to save the United States by heroes. This gave Xu Jun the opportunity to save Wu Xiaoling’s life and become Wu Guixiang’s son-in-law.

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