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Burning 燃烧 Episode 31 Recap

In front of Gao Sihai’s hospital bed, Zhou Haoyu was full of thoughts, letting Gao Feng find out the changes in the Xu family in a few words. Before leaving, Zhou Haoyu and Gao Feng discussed about the cemetery. Although Gao Sihai did not pass away, this is an unavoidable fact.

Gao Feng, who was guarding the hospital bed of Gao Sihai, kept thinking about Zhou Haoyu’s words, and learned that Xu Jiatong was not optimistic about the project he wanted to carry out, but he didn’t know why, and suddenly one day he would choose to invest in large, Projects with high risks and long cycles.

For this matter, Zhou Haoyu’s mother also personally flew abroad to investigate the feasibility of this project. Moreover, the city government is also very optimistic about the domestic guarantee and foreign loan cooperation with Longxing. The more Gao Feng thinks, the more things go wrong, and he voluntarily asks to pick up the airport in person tomorrow, seeming to want to prevent the cooperation of this project.

At the same time, Xu Jun had also asked Zhou Haoyu to write a risk assessment report for the project. Who knew that Zhou Haoyu cared more about Xu Jiatong in his heart, so he took the initiative to inform Xu Jun secretly. Zhou Haoyu originally had doubts about this project. Xu Jiatong has repeatedly pressed for it. If this risk assessment report is leaked, the project will inevitably be aborted.

Gao Feng smoothly picked up Shen Chaoying at the airport, and while driving back, he pretended to be curious and learned about the relevant situation of the British expedition. The province and the city value this cooperation, and the project itself can withstand inspection, Shen Chaoying seems to have shown the feasibility of cooperation.

Once the Longxing loan is successful, it means that they can use the domestic bank to issue a letter of guarantee, and then the overseas branch can directly issue the loan, which can achieve the indirect exit of the funds. If the project cooperation is successful, this will become a channel for the transfer of assets of the Xu family, and ultimately achieve the goal of capital flight.

When he arrived at the underground parking lot of the community, Gao Feng received a call from Liu Qingye. In order to prevent Shen Chaoying from seeing the clues, he made a little plan and successfully left early. Gao Feng and Feng Kai met again, because of speculation that the Xu family wanted funds to escape, they still broke up in the end.

Perhaps it is not that Gao Feng believes that Feng Kai disagrees with his own ideas, but because he knows well that without evidence, this kind of speculation cannot make a difference even if it is reasonable. Gao Feng is angry, angered by the rigidity of the judicial process and too many concerns. It is also helpless if he recognizes such a process. In the end, all these thoughts were transformed to the end, and it became a grudge against Feng Kai.

At the same time, in the face of Xu Jun’s anger and the idea of ​​terminating the project, Zhao Yuee had to take the initiative to ask the only son to come out for a talk. It was difficult for Xu Jun to accept the truth of all this, but the deaths of Xu Da and Yang Sanshui made him have to believe Gao Feng’s words.

Over the years, it was Xu Jun who turned a factory with a few hundred people into a company with a few thousand people, and became a Fortune 500 company. He didn’t believe that it was all the result of the secret support of his parents, and nothing belonged to his own efforts. He didn’t believe that in the eyes of his parents, he turned out to be an idiot who couldn’t do anything well.

Long Xing is Xu Jun’s life’s hard work, he will not allow anyone to destroy his hard work, even his own biological mother. Xu Jun seems to have made up his mind to terminate the project with Britain no matter what the price is. Even if Zhao Yuee wanted to come forward to remove his chairmanship, even if he resorted to law, he would never allow this to happen.

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