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And The Winner is Love 月上重火 Episode 32 Recap

In order to help Yuan Shuangshuang recover as soon as possible, Lin Fengzi took her to the temple to pray for blessings. Yuan Shuangshuang did not understand that he had used Lin Fengzi that way. Why did Lin Fengzi treat him so well, Lin Fengzi said that he had no mother since childhood. She grew up under the care of both, and already regarded her as a relative in her heart. Yuan Shuangshuang was very touched, but she did not follow Lin Fengzi into the temple to pray. At this time, Chongxuezhi and Yuwen Muyuan were also praying in the temple. Their wish was to rebuild the Chonghuo Palace as soon as possible, but the mage in the temple saw Chongxuezhi frowning and realized that she was trapped by love. He enlightened Chongxue Chi wants to let go of his burdens.

Yuwen Muyuan accompanied Chong Xuezhi to set off Kong Mingdeng to pray for blessings. He once again confessed to Chong Xuezhi that he would give her a home and take care of her for life. After so many ups and downs over the years, Yu Wen Mu Yuan always remembered Chong Xuezhi in her heart. She did not refuse Yu Wen Mu Yuan’s confession this time, and Yu Wen Mu Yuan was so heartbroken. Outside the temple, Chong Xuezhi met the original Shuangshuang. Yuan Shuangshuang told her that the relationship between Shangguantou and Lin Fengzi was always innocent, and they were designed for their own personal framing. Moreover, the last time that Xue Xuezhi was taken away by the Huashan faction, it was Shangguanto’s hard work. I was rescued with all my strength, and I was almost forced to commit suicide by Fengcheng for Xuezhi. Knowing these circumstances, Chong Xuezhi was very shocked, and she knew that she had misunderstood Shangguan before.

Chongxuezhi fell into a deep contradiction because she had just agreed to Yu Wen Mu Yuan’s proposal, but she knew the truth more about Shangguan through. After thinking, she decided to open up to Yu Wen Mu Yuan and said that she was going to find Shangguan through. Yu Wen Mu Yuan was very lost after learning of her thoughts. He felt that he had done so much for Chong Xuezhi. In the end, he still did not reach the position of Shang Guantu in Chong Xuezhi’s heart, but he knew that Chong Xuezhi was in the heart. Her happiness, he is willing to sacrifice himself to fulfill them. Chong Xuezhi is leaving, Yu Wen Mu Yuan has prepared her suitcase and snacks she likes to eat, and silently sends her away.

The conspiracy of King Lu still succeeded. Shangguan Xingzhou was framed as a private weapon, colluding with Chonghuo Palace to rebel against the imperial court and being imprisoned, while Shangguan escaped and is currently being wanted. When the staff reported to Lu Wang, Shangguan Zheng accidentally heard that she was so emotional that she couldn’t help herself. Shangguantou was traced by the government mansion and had nowhere to go. His Royal Highness sent a man to pick him up in time. The honest prince cherishes Shangguantuo for his personal talents, and he knows that the case of Shangguanxingzhou is not simple, so he wants to know more about it. Shangguan Tou told the prince what was happening in the middle. The high prince’s righteousness was filled with indignation. He was willing to personally meet with the current court for Kuang Fu Zhengyi. He did not dare to give out the evidence he had to the prince.

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