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And The Winner is Love 月上重火 Episode 31 Recap

Because the officers and soldiers strictly forbidden the palace of heavy fire, Yu Wen Mu Yuan had to bury his grandfather Yu Wen. Then he and Chongxuezhi left this place where they kept full of memories. Because the tortoise and the cinnabar are people in the Palace of Fire, they are subject to discrimination and no one is admitted, and they live in nowhere. Yu Wen Mu Yuan and Chong Xuezhi came to the countryside and bought a farmer’s house under an incognito name, and lived a life of seclusion away from the disputes between rivers and lakes. Seeing Chongxuezhi put on coarse cloths, washing hands and making soup, Yuwen Muyuan suddenly felt very satisfied with this kind of life. Chongxuezhi also felt that although this kind of life does not have a brothel, she is far away from disputes and has won The freedom is also very good.

Since Fengcheng’s death, I hope that both of them will have a very difficult life. In addition, the last time they were severely injured by Shangguan, the situation is even more miserable. Only Lin Fengzi waited by his side, which made the original Shuangshuang feel very guilty. Yu Wen Mu Yuan and Chong Xuezhi lived peacefully in the countryside. Yu Wen Mu Yuan said that after some time, the situation stabilized and he went to recruit the old department of the Heavy Fire Palace and raised a banner to rebuild the Heavy Fire Palace. She didn’t think she knew that rebuilding the Palace of Heavy Fire was not that simple.

Xia Qingmei’s skill under the guidance of Hong Sheng has been practiced to the Sixth Form of the Lotus God. However, the fact that the heavy fire palace was sealed by the government, made him feel terrified, worrying that he would be afraid of the government after practicing superb martial arts. He told Lin Zongxing the news that the Great Fire Palace had been raided. Lin Zongxing was taken aback. He felt that the next step of the Guanfu Palace would be to deal with the Lingjian Mountain Villa. However, the most important thing now is to keep the children of the Heavy Fire Palace outside. Xia Qingmei was instructed to find a way to find those homeless disciples from Chonghuo Palace to live in Lingjian Mountain Villa temporarily. Xia Qingmei happened to meet Chongqing and Zhusha with nowhere to go, and invited them back to Lingjian Villa.

Checking the Palace of Heavy Fire, Lu Lie, the king of Lu, was not willing to give up. He was still worried that Shangguantu was an enemy to himself, so he came to see Shangguantu and threatened him inside and outside, saying that the current person is Junjie, don’t just go against him. , Disobey yourself. Shangguan Tou was not forced by power, and said firmly that he hoped that King Lu would stop the brutality of the martial arts, otherwise he would expose his face in public. However, King Lu had no fear, he said that Wulin had no longer existed, and he would have to be removed soon afterwards, and he went away. Shangguan Tou felt that he was weak and unable to stop the crazy behavior of Lu Xueli, and could not help worrying about the fate of the martial arts.

The Dragon Boat Festival is coming. Yuwen Muyuan bought colorful threads and gave them to Xue Xuezhi. He took out a pair of earrings and said that they were the gift he prepared. Zhong Xuezhi hesitated not to accept, but did not specifically refuse. King Lu sent several escorts to bring a batch of supplements for Shangguan Xingzhou, and opened it. It turned out that it was the same batch of knives that Feng Mo robbed at the Palace of Heavy Fire last time. , Shangguan Xingzhou knew that this was the conspiracy of King Lu, and hurriedly arranged for Shangguan to leave here, and at this time, the official mansion had been reported, and came to search the state division mansion.

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