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And The Winner is Love 月上重火 Episode 30 Recap

King Lu wanted to fight against the martial arts, and Chong Huo Gong was his first goal. On this day, he sent his staff to send Feng Mo a secret letter, Feng Mo read that he must do the same. Shangguan Xingzhou had learned about King Lu’s plan. He was worried that Wulin could not avoid a catastrophe, and he was unwilling to attach himself to King Lu. He had already gotten burned, not to mention his daughter Shangguan Zheng. He let Shangguan pass and leave this land of right and wrong, But Shangguan Tuo in turn worried about his father and sister, thinking about it, Shangguan Xingzhou simply asked Shangguan to show up to deal with King Lu, and he was willing to be his son’s chess piece.

Chonghuo Palace bears the responsibility of building weapons for the government, and it is time to deliver the sword to the government. Yuwen Muyuan will escort himself, and Chong Xuezhi will accompany him without worry, but he was robbed by unknown people halfway. For some Modao, they had to bring the remaining Modao to meet the envoys, but the envoys did not listen to their explanations, and they arbitrarily and unreasonably want to punish the sins of the palace of fire and ask Yuwen Mu Yuan to be a hostage guarantee. Turn in the lost Modao within one day.

Chongxuezhi knew that this was the government’s intention to embarrass the palace of fire, she let the other disciples go first, and she returned to accompany Yuwen Muyuan here. She said that eventually the palace was still involved in Yuwen Muyuan. Gong’s time came so quickly. Shangguan revealed that Chong Xuezhi was imprisoned and wanted to rescue her immediately. His father Shangguan Xingzhou told him to let him act according to plan, and to do Xue Zhizhi’s own thing.

The robbed Mo Dao was handed over to King Lu, and he was very satisfied with this arrangement. It turned out that he had written a letter that Feng Mo had robbed Chong Huo Gong’s Modao halfway through, and now that Chong Xuezhi was in custody, he wanted to see how Shangguan To rescue her this time. The hour of the day soon arrived, but Chong Xuezhi and Yu Wen Mu Yuan were acquitted. This was the order given by Shangguan Xingzhou to personally find the Ministry of Arms Shang Shu. Shangguan Tou saw Chong Xuezhi walking out of the air unharmed in the distance, and he let go of his heart. However, he did not appear in front of Chong Xuezhi, but quietly left here.

There have been too many things happening recently, so Xuezhi does not think about it too much. She has felt that King Lu is targeting the Palace of Heavy Fire, but there is no evidence. At this time, the Palace of Heavy Fire was heavily surrounded by officers and soldiers, and the officers and soldiers had to leave the Palace of Heavy Fire immediately. Tortoise knocked on Elder Yuwen’s door and found that Elder Yuwen had hanged himself. At this time, Chongxuezhi and Yuwen Muyuan returned to Chonghuo Palace and learned that Yuwen Elder was hanged. Yuwen Muyuan was desperate to suffer. Chongxuezhi did not know how to comfort him.

Shangguan Tou returned to the state division, he expressed his thanks to his father, thank him for the rescue of Chong Xuezhi. At the same time, the two fathers and sons were also worried about Lu’s next move. They were very worried about the safety of Shangguan Zheng. Shangguan Xingzhou warned Shangguan through. The current situation is strange and we must be very careful. Lu Wang will not give up.

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