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And The Winner is Love 月上重火 Episode 29 Recap

Chongxuezhi silently missed Shangguan through Chonghuo Palace, and Yue Shangguo; Shangguantou was under the care of Yin Ci to heal, and the injury was just a little bit. The situation of King Lu in recent years. After coming to Xianshan Yingzhou, after a comparative analysis of various news, Shangguan revealed that in the past three years, King Lu had frequently dispatched troops, and each dispatch was directed against the martial arts martial arts. Having reached this conclusion, he could not help worrying.

Everyone in the Chonghuo Palace can see that Yuwen Muyuan likes Chong Xuezhi, but Chong Xuezhi cannot put Shangguan through in his heart. Yu Wen Muyuan accompanied her to go shopping and relax and bought back her favorite osmanthus cake. But Chongxuezhi still looked unhappy. Yuwen Muyuan couldn’t help confessing to her, hoping to change his identity, no longer as a brother or a big protector, accompanied by Chong Xuezhi to take care of her life. But Chong Xuezhi couldn’t answer him immediately. Yu Wen Mu Yuan knew that she was thinking of Shangguan through, and said that she could wait.

Red Sleeve asked about the current relationship between Shangguantou and Chongxuezhi. Shangguantou said sadly, but still calm and calm. Redsleeved reminded him that Yu Wen Mu Yuan was very concerned about Chongxuezhi. Shangguantou should be careful about possible loss of Chongxuezhi, Shangguan It is said that at present, Xuezhi is in crisis, and returning to the flat fire palace Yu Wenmuyuan protects himself and is at ease. This time, Xuezhi is not regained by Lu Wang in the face, and Lu must be resentful. He must find Lu as soon as possible. Only when he and Chongxuezhi’s feelings, he believes that the future will be able to melt away the ice and snow. Seeing his stubbornness in this way, Red Sleeve will persuade him not to just look at the future and lose the present.

Feng Mo escaped his life to meet King Lu. Lu Wang was angry that Feng Cheng told his third person about the matter with the Huashan faction. Feng Mo explained that his father, Feng Cheng, had been mutilated. He is currently the new head of the Huashan faction. Willing to inherit his father’s will to serve King Lu, King Lu gradually became angry and told Feng Moke to do something to avenge his father. Wuming = The investigator learned of this news, and rushed to report to Guanguan, and Shangguan analyzed. Wang Lu must be brewing a terrifying conspiracy this time, and it is estimated that the target will be the entire martial arts.

Shangguan went back to Guoshifu and told his father the news and analysis he had. Shangguan Xingzhou also saw from the diagram that Wu Lin was about to suffer. So he came to Xiangzhou Lu King’s land with Shangguantu on the ground that Sheng Shang was about to implement a new law. Shangguan Xingzhou discovered in his conversation with King Lu that King Lu did indeed kill the entire martial arts. He said viciously that the land of the world would be king of kings, and the king of the shore would be king of kings. And he strongly invited Shangguan Xingzhou to participate in the eradication of martial arts, but was rejected by Shangguan Xingzhou.

When Shangguan saw her sister, Shangguan Zheng talked about Xuezhi with concern. Shangguan persuaded her not to worry about herself. Lu Wang was annoyed that Shangguan Xingzhou did not join in with him and started to attack Wulin. He discussed with his staff how to get rid of Shangguan Xingzhou. The staff advised him not to move Shangguan Xingzhou for the time being. Any persuasion.

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