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Burning 燃烧 Episode 30 Recap

There is no new breakthrough in the case, and Gao Feng now has nothing to fear of losing. He has reason to believe that Xu Jiafu already knows that the police are investigating him, and only Xu Jun, an outsider, can cause chaos within them and create breakable loopholes for the police investigation. Even if Feng Kai blamed it, he was happy in his heart, and Gao Feng knew that this was also the way he had thought of, because they were the same kind of people.

Xu Jun still remembers that since Xu Jiafu disappeared from Xu Village with the money, everyone would bully him because of this. This is the eternal shadow of his life. Until one day, he was beaten up as usual and ran home to hide, but Zhao Yuee blocked the door and forced him to fight back. The hemorrhagic Xu Jun picked up the broken bricks on the ground and fought back with a desperate heart, which also forced his determination to leave Xu Village.

Xu Jun’s grades are very good and his future is bound to be bright, but he still chose to drop out. He wanted to go to a place where no one knew him and live a life without shadows. Zhao Yuee couldn’t stop Xu Jun, and could only introduce her son to Shanghai with a letter, asking Wu Guixiang to accept him.

After the autopsy was opened, Xu Jun’s shadow faded as he thought his father was guilty and punished. But now the truth is in front of us, and the shadow that once felt painful is turned out to be deliberately caused by parents, and they have lived in deception all their lives. Xu Jun is an upright person and never ignores the law because of his family, but his parents are sinners.

Zhao Yuee once tried Xu Jun, and the answer was to inform him, to help his parents rein in the precipice, and to pay the price for wrongdoing. For so many years, Zhao Yue’e has thought more than once that if all the truth is told to Xu Jun, as long as she thinks of how her son will react, she will eventually be unable to say it. However, in the face of Xu Jiatong, Zhao Yuee can easily confess everything, perhaps in her eyes, this granddaughter is the same kind of person as herself.

If you are unwilling to bear the consequences, don’t choose to start. This sentence is what Zhao Yuee thought in her heart, and it also applies to Xu Jiatong. Maybe there was hatred before, but Xu Jiatong chose to start, and he must bear the corresponding consequences, but this alienation can not be erased. No one can gain control forever. Once things get out of control, they will pay a painful price, which is uncontrollable.

Xu Jun was awakened from a nightmare. Zhao Yuee and Xu Jiatong did not return overnight. They had quietly moved out and lived for a few days, deliberately hanging Xu Jun, leaving him and his servants alone at home. No matter how angry and helpless he is, life still has to go on. When Zhou Haoyu inadvertently mentioned the project that Longxing is currently preparing, and Xu Jiatong’s unusual performance in the project, Xu Jun suddenly fell into contemplation. He seemed to think about what Zhao Yuee and Xu Jiatong wanted to do, and he planned to stop it. .

Today is the day when Liu Qingye returned from southern China. Gao Feng took the initiative to meet her at the airport and invited her to dinner. Since the incident in Shanghai, Gao Feng’s feelings towards Liu Qingye have obviously changed, and he has no intention of hiding his desire to pursue her.

After the two people sat together and discussed the case, Gao Feng said with a joke that he wanted to pursue Liu Qingye sincerely. Perhaps it was too sudden, or Gao Feng was not clear enough to dare to look forward to it. Although the relationship between the two has not made more substantial progress, the sweet breath between the two cannot be hidden.

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