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Burning 燃烧 Episode 29 Recap

The arrival of the police and Xu Jiafu, who had been missing for a long time, seemed to have confirmed the fact that he absconded with the money, which made Zhao Yue’e feel broken. It is true that Xu Jiafu set up the Longxing factory and led the villagers on the road to becoming rich. But right now, they only have the anger of being deceived. No matter who made them live the good life in front of them, they did not want to wait for the police to convict. First to vacate Zhao Yuee’s home.

After a long time passed, Zhao Yue’e had given up her heart and lived with her son Xu Jun as usual, but her life changed from the richest to the poorest. On this day, Xu Da suddenly brought news of Xu Jiafu to Zhao Yuee, saying that she was dating her alone, and met in a cave on the slope of Beishan later at night. The sudden news of Xu Jiafu made Zhao Yue’e surprised, unbelievable, and could not tell whether it was complaining or worrying, and even more puzzled.

As agreed, Zhao Yuee came to the slopes of Beishan Mountain in the middle of the night. In a dark cave, Xu Jiafu and Zhao Yuee finally reunited. Xu Jiafu, with the hard-earned money of all the folks in Xujia Village, is panicking here, not knowing how to proceed. He had actually come back long ago, but he saw police everywhere, thinking that his murder was exposed, so he dared not show up.

Xu Jiafu thought he had killed a person by mistake, and now he defrauded so much money, even if he surrendered himself to get a leniency, he would suffer at least twenty years in prison. For him, there is no future, and more importantly, Zhao Yuee will not let him go to jail, and leave their wives and children to endure other people’s blind eyes and poor life.

Zhao Yue’e is a smart and cruel woman. She encouraged Xu Jiafu to secretly escape to Haidong County, rent a house, find a substitute for the dead ghost, and stun him without letting him die. Zhao Yuee, who was in Xujiacun, called the police again, claiming that Xu Jiafu didn’t want to live anymore because of the money robbed, and could successfully help him get rid of Jinchan.

In Haidong County in 1986, Xu Jiafu followed Zhao Yuee’s instructions and quickly found a man who suffered a natural disaster and lost all his family members. On the grounds of making black money, Xu Jiafu tricked a man into sneaking into his pre-rented house at three o’clock in the night, stunned him with sleeping pills, put him on the bed, sprinkled petrol, and pressed the burning incense with a match.

After designing the timing device, Xu Jiafu sneaked out to call Zhao Yue’e, and boarded the arranged fishing boat overnight to go to the South. Unexpectedly, Snake Head knew about Xu Jiafu’s news a long time ago. In order to covet the huge sums of money he was carrying, he brought his two younger brothers and took out pistols to force him to hand over money.

Several people were fighting with each other. Although Xu Jiafu was injured, he snatched the pistol from the snake’s head and killed them all, leaving only one sailor. When the fishing boat was about to reach the shore, Xu Jiafu suddenly took advantage of the situation and killed the sailor. If he had been forced to kill before, then this time it was a real autonomous behavior. Xu Jiafu seems to have fallen in love with the feeling that he can control his life and death.

Back in time, Xu Jun sat alone in the park, thinking about what Gao Feng had said to him, thinking about it again and again, or calling Feng Kai to verify. For a long time, Xu Jun always thought that Long Xing’s success was the result of his own hard work, but it turned out that Zhao Yuee and Xu Jiafu were using illegal means to clear many obstacles for him behind such success. The truth is cruel, and Xu Jun also feels broken.

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