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And The Winner is Love 月上重火 Episode 26 Recap

Shangguan Tou temporarily stayed in the Guoshi Mansion. Lu Wang came to visit his father-in-law’s house. Seeing Shangguan Tou invited him to play chess, and talked about Chong Xuezhi between words, showing a strong interest. Shang Guantu rescued Chong Xuezhi’s second father, and then entrusted himself to take care of Chong Xuezhi. Tell him. After King Lu left, Shangguan Xingzhou told Shangguan Tou, King Lu was just trying out him. Shangguan Tou asked him why he saw it. Shangguan Xingzhou said that King Lu had given him advice from an early age, and he was excellent at chess, but he just said that he was not good at chess. Lost to Shangguan through. Shangguan Tou was shocked and couldn’t help thinking a lot. When the prince learned that Shangguan Tofu was at home, he went to visit the house. The guest and the host sat together for a long time and had a good time.

The prince invited Shangguan Tou to help him govern the government. But when he entered the court, Shangguan Tou revealed his displeasure and said that I’m idle and can’t stand the restraint. I also invite the prince to choose Gaoming. Shangguan Xingzhou saw that Shangguantou was disrespectful to the prince, and he was very anxious. He excused him to call Shangguantou into the corridor, and reprimanded Shangguantou for not knowing the current affairs. The olive branch handed over by the prince should be caught in time. Offend power. Shangguan Tou was very uncomfortable with his father’s vassal, he said that he would not fall into the disputes of the court, and became a running dog of the court. Shangguan Xingzhou saw that he did not speak well, and he couldn’t help getting angry from the heart. He raised his hand and slapped Shangguan through the face. Shangguan threw his sleeve and left the living room.

Shangguan Xingzhou was still angry, turning around and suddenly found that the prince did not know when he was standing next to him, scared that he hurried forward to salute, fearing that the prince would blame. Unexpectedly, the prince smiled slightly and said in a tone of appreciation that Shangguantou had the style of Shangguanxingzhou. When Shangguanxingzhou was so energetic and enters the chapel, it was also a rebellious look. Now, after soaking in the officialdom for many years, Shangguan Xing Zhou has long lost the magnificence of his heroic appearance, and has become the only promise. He didn’t want Shangguan to despise the dignitaries and offend the court.

Feng She was staying in Huashan, but he always stumbled with his brother Feng Mo. Feng Mo always excluded him everywhere, but how could the free Feng Feng get this loss, he always made some small actions Let Feng Mo be miserable. On this day, he took advantage of Feng Mo and sprinkled lime on him, making Feng Mo wailing. The original Shuangshuang and Fengcheng mentioned Feng Moshe, Fengcheng said his heart, he did not accept Fengshe from the bottom of his heart to recognize the son of the ancestral ancestor, only because Fengshe and Zhonghuo Palace had a good relationship. , Use him to deal with the palace of heavy fire.

In order to help Chongxuezhi to overcome the difficulties, Shangguantou brought gold and silver to Chonghuo Palace. Chongxuezhi politely said that he would definitely return Shangguantou in the future. The sweet-scented osmanthus cake brought by Shangguantou was re-regulated but did not reach out to take it over. Upon learning of this news, King Lu believed that Shangguantou had a close relationship with Chonghuo Palace, and he had to draw him for his own use, so he sent someone to invite Shangguantou to come to the palace to recount. Shangguan Tou came to King Lu to meet King Lu. In light of his father’s reminder, Shang Guantou was alert to King Lu this time.

After careful observation, he found that King Lu was not simple. He seemed honest and honest, but his heart was as fine as hair. But her sister Princess Lu praised her husband, saying that he was dedicated to the people and did not fight for fame and fortune. The sister’s simple mind could not help Shangguan through, but he knew that Lu Wangying married his sister Shangguan Zheng only to stabilize his position. Shangguan told me that he was gone, but Shangguan Zheng was inexplicably sad. King Lu asked about the reason. Shangguan Zheng worriedly said that his younger brother had suffered since he was a child, and he lived in rivers and lakes at a young age. Now he is not too young. But she still lives in no fixed place, has no family, and has never heard of her like that girl. I don’t know what the future will be like.

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