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The Twin Flower Legend 长相守 Episode 44 Recap

Yuan Qingjiang saw that Feiyan had not found it, and Pan Zhengyue’s army was still in Jingguan City, so he decided to lead the German army again and replace Yu Feiyan with Yuan Fei and Lin De of Yuan Fei and Yuan Fei. Fight together, resist Pan Zhengyue, and break the fortress of Jingguan. Flower Splendid spent all her savings, but only recruited three thousand people. In desperation, Flower Splendid had to hand over all of her jewelry, including the purple jade bracelet that Sima Yun gave to herself in the original Fengding. Going out to sell, the savings secretly recruit troops to buy horses. Now, compared with the son’s original non-liquid future, everything is no longer so important. But Sima Yun kept hiding in the dark and saw that the flower splendid continued to play with fire, and could not help but come forward to stop it. However, the flower splendid did not want to listen to his own words. In desperation, Sima Yun had to remind her to watch out for the original Qingjiang. Return home in sorrow.

On the other side, Hua Muqin woke up from a lethargy and was a little unconscious because he was given medicine by Song Minglei, but despite this, Hua Muhibin’s eyes and heart were still only white. Although Song Minglei saw his heart like a sword, but as long as he left it beside him, he would be satisfied. But when he saw that Hua Muqin thought of himself as non-white, and he begged him not to give her medicine again, Song Minglei still didn’t control his emotions for a while, and was angry at Hua Muqin, and was recognized by Hua Muqin. I am not white, and I hide from myself everywhere.

Song Minglei saw his devotion to Hua Mujin for many years, but did not get any response, so he hated it by love and vowed to destroy everything she cherished.

Yuan Feibai was in Wuyou City, and after being rescued by Guo Erren, he kept looking for the whereabouts of Hua Hibiscus. After learning that the flower hibiscus is likely to be hidden near Qingshuiguan by Song Minglei, he was worried that his sudden appearance would cause Song Minglei’s dog to jump to the wall and hurt the flower hibiscus. The original non-smoke in Ziyuan.

Qi Fang discovered that Hua Mu-Han was under house arrest by Song Minglei, and then disguised himself as Song Ming-Lei’s men. In desperation, Qi Fang had no choice but to stun him, and after feeding him the relief medication, he left first to find an antidote.

At this time, the Cistanche sent by Hua Mujin sent people to cure the plague of everyone. Song Minglei saw that the original was not white. He wanted to take the opportunity to let the whole army of Yuan German be wiped out. , So that Yuan Feibai and Hua Mujin are close to the horizon, while Dou Yinghua was informed that Yuan Fei was not in the army, while letting someone pretend to be flower hibiscus and leading Yuan Feibai out of his residence.

After taking the antidote given to Qi Fang by himself, Hua Mujin gradually returned to normal, and secretly dumped the medicine every time he was taking medicine under Song Minglei’s hands, but he didn’t want to do it that day, he was just Hua Mu Jin When he wanted to reapply his old skills, he was discovered by Song Minglei’s men when he was not ready to dump the medicine. When the two were in a stalemate, Qi Fang arrived in time to rescue Hua Mu Jin from this man, but Song Minglei laid down heavy soldiers here. When Qi Fang had no choice but to want to open the ring of killing, it was not the news of the smoke, and Close to life, let go of flowers hibiscus and let go. After Qi Fang and Hua Muhibi left from Song Minglei, they were taken care of by Duan Yuerong, who was guarded outside.

Duan Yuerong brought the flower hibiscus into the city, and Qingmei saw that the flower hibiscus not only circulated around the original non-white and Duan Yuerong, but also made Zhang Zhiyan sneer at it, and could not help but sneer at it. By swearing his sovereignty, Zhang Zhiyan gave up on Hua Muqin completely, and also took the opportunity to make friends with Zhang Zhiyan.

After Hua Muqin left, Yuan Feiyan saw that Song Minglei was coveting the original non-white woman at this time, but couldn’t help but feel sad for her infatuation and wanted to drive Song Minglei away, but she didn’t want Song Minglei’s true feelings for Hua Muqiang Not only did he not feel guilty for himself, he also regretted getting along with himself. Seeing the original non-smoke, he pleaded with Song Minglei to help his brother Yuan Feiqing fight for the position of the son of the world, and he could promise him to marry Hua Mujin into the door. Later, after hearing that Dou Yinghua had already dispatched 50,000 soldiers to the landscape city, he wanted to take the opportunity to help Song Minglei to the top, regardless of his own physical fatigue, and insisted on rushing to the landscape city with him. Song Minglei saw that, deep Moved, vowed to make Yuan Feiyan the happiest woman.

Huami Hiran remembered that when he was under Song Minglei’s house arrest, he had heard the sound of Qin Fei’s piano, and learned that he had been guarding himself. But after seeing Yuan Feibai looking for himself in the future until now, Hua Muqin couldn’t help but worry about the safety of Yuan Feibai and left Duan Yuerong and Xi Yan again.

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