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The Twin Flower Legend 长相守 Episode 43 Recap

After Chen Yujiao asked Jun Mowen to donate the cistanche and flowers to the original non-white army, the Fengde army killed all the refugees and rebels in the suburbs of Xidu, or subdued them. After seeing the shortage of manpower, the original Qingjiang wanted to let the flowers lead Feng Dejun assisted Yuan Feibai and Yuan Feiqing to win the landscape city.

On the day of the original non-liusheng birthday, Hua Jinxiu asked the original Qingjiang for soldiers and horses through the mouth of his son, but did not want this to happen to the Qingyuan Qingjiang. In order not to give Flower Splendid a chance to win the war, and to enable it to become the help of Yuan Fei Bai and Yuan Fei Qing, Yuan Qingjiang gave her 8,000 soldiers. In order to be able to occupy a place on the battlefield, Huajinxiu took out all his belongings and began secretly recruiting horses.

On the day of the sacrifice of Huyueguo State, Ming Fengqing discovered that the minister of Huyueyue standing there had already been replaced by the empress as a warrior, and she couldn’t help but suspect that her daughter Yao Biying had sold herself. The sacrifice officially began. Yao Biying was worried about the safety of her mother and Huo Yueguo, and disregarded everyone’s dissuasion, but came to the scene of the sacrifice. Yuan Feiyu was also coaxed by Xiangqin and brought her aunt who was carved by Yao Biying. Here.

Ming Fengqing thought again and again, but decided to launch a general attack on Huyueguo without harming Yao Biying. After fierce fighting, Ming Fengqing gradually occupied the upper peak. Yao Biying was unwilling to see Yuan Feiyu fall into a trap, and her mother Ming Fengqing unveiled her true identity in public. The soldiers ambushed by Queen Huo Yue in advance were also sleepy because they were ambushed by Ming Fengqing. Yuan Feiyu saw that Ming Fengqing wanted to start with his mother emperor, so she hurriedly stepped forward, but she did not want Yao Biying to stand in front of her at the moment of life and death.

After seeing that he had killed his daughter Yao Biying, Ming Fengqing couldn’t help but be deeply hit, and he was helpless. At this time, Guoerren arrived with Amir’s men in time. Hua Mujin wanted to personally revenge Ming Fengqing for Yao Biying, but was hijacked by her and brought to the city of worry-free.

Song Minglei brought his men to ambush in Wuyou City, and after collecting the remaining forces of Ming Fengqing’s men, he made a full search for the whereabouts of Ming Fengqing and Hua Hibiscus. Former Fei Bai and Duan Yuerong found Song Minglei’s trace in Wuyou City, and immediately found Ming Fengqing’s hiding place. While Song Minglei took his men to defeat and slaughter Ming Fengqing, he would fall asleep Flower Hibiscus rescued.

The original Fei Bai and Duan Yuerong took the sleepy Hua Mujin from the city of Wuyou to avoid the pursuit of Song Minglei, but accidentally touched the organs in Wuyou City. Yuan Feibai also covered Song Minglei’s hidden weapon. Later, Song Minglei’s men followed, although Duan Yuerong found the organization that left Wuyou City, but this organization had to be fixed by someone who could help open the door of the maze. At the critical moment, Duan Yuerong wanted Hua Mujin to leave first, but even at this time, Hua Mujin still chose to depend on the original life and death, and pushed him out of the maze.

Song Minglei took advantage of Hua Muqin and Yuan Feibai’s fierce battle with his men, and shot Yuan Feibai with an arrow, and took away Hua Ming’s coma.

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